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ASME Certification Continues

Ledwell continues ASME certification

In 1916 ASME began its program for certification to companies in the pressure equipment industry. This program was developed to certify quality control systems for the design, fabrication, assembly, and inspection of boiler and pressure vessel components during construction.

Products manufactured by ASME BPVC certificate holders include a certification mark in accordance with the applicable certified section also known as a “U” stamp. A company can also be certified to make repairs or alterations to pressure vessels under the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors under an “R” stamp.

Ledwell began building pressure vessels, or in our case DOT Cargo Tanks, in the spring of 2010. This past May, we successfully completed our 5th joint review for ASME and National Board certification.

The purpose of the review is to evaluate the quality program and ensure the implementation for each product manufactured for fabrication, alterations, and repairs. Each assessment ensures the applicant’s quality program is implemented successfully and complies with requirements based on the ASME standard.

Certificates are granted after a review of the previous 36 months of work, verification of record-keeping requirements, personnel training, and required knowledge of pressure vessel design and fabrication rules.

Change in Season: Time For Preventative Maintenance

Ledwell 6 Yard Dump Truck

Season change means different behaviors for your trusted equipment. But you can make sure that this doesn’t affect your work on the job. There are a variety of actions you can take that your equipment needs to stay efficient and running. One of them is preventative maintenance. Not all equipment is as easy as your typical loading ramp – having to grease the landing gear only once a year. But maintenance is imperative for longevity.

We believe wholeheartedly that maintenance schedules will allow your equipment a long, happy life, no matter the piece.

We’ve devised several Preventative Maintenance sheets for your benefit. These outline how you can prepare your equipment for various conditions and what you must do to get the most out of your money. Preventative Maintenance checklists are available for the following equipment:

You can also tune into our social media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube. We know it’s tough to remember when your equipment needs routine maintenance when you have a million other things happening on the job. That’s why we do our best to provide you easy access, like adding preventative maintenance questions and answers to those above-mentioned social media outlets.

If these aren’t enough for you, and you’re looking for something a little more specific, you can always check out our FAQ page on our website or give us a call. One way or another, Ledwell is determined to gain your satisfaction through equipment performance.

Choosing a Grapple: Which Rotobec Attachment is Best for You?

Ledwell Demolition Dump with Rotobec Grapple Attachment

If you’re in the market for a grapple truck or attachment, you can’t beat industry-leading Rotobec grapples. Rotobec launched its revolutionary rotating hydraulic system in the forestry industry. Later, the company expanded its product offerings to include recycling, waste handling, railroad maintenance, and construction and bulk material handling.

Which grapple will work best for you? Rotobec has a wide selection of grapples designed for specific industries and job applications.

Ledwell Demolition Dump with Rotobec Grapple Attachment

Forestry & Logging

Excavators, material handlers, and log loaders need tough grapples that can adapt to various situations. If you’re looking for something versatile, Rotobec’s Log Grapples, Combination Grapples, and Rotobec Power Attachments fit the bill. Rotobec’s Pulpwood Grapples and Butt’n Top Grapples load and unload trucks efficiently.

Industrial Jobs

Industrial grapples handle a variety of materials in any environment imaginable. Rotobec’s Clamshell Buckets are available in multiple sizes and configurations. The Demolition Power Attachment Grapple is built with thicker, stronger steel. Rotobec’s Pipe & Pole Handing Series Grapples safely handle utility poles and gas lines.

Waste Handling

Rotobec offers grapple attachments for each step of the waste handling and waste removal process, with specialized units for trash, compaction, sorting/demolition, and waste collection. Plus, they offer multi-purpose, and waste collection grapples that make roadside pickup and storm cleanup quicker and more efficient.

Scrap Metal

If it isn’t tough, you don’t want to use it for scrap metal. Rotobec is an industry leader in durable, tough, innovative products for scrap metal handling. Their Orange Peel Grapple has a fully guarded, hose-less cylinder design that reduces the risk of hydraulics damage. The Demolition RPA’s 360-degree rotation allows for more flexibility in motion than traditional dangle style rotation grapples.

Railway Operations

Need to move railroad ties? Look no further than Rotobec’s rail grapples. The Tie Bundle Grapple can handle 5-9 tie-wide bundles, and the Loose Tie Grapple helps collect and move ties without bringing shale along.

Storm Chasers

Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms, and floods can cause catastrophic damage and leave behind an immense amount of debris. Storm chasers need dump trucks outfitted with a versatile, multi-purpose loader and grapple combination that can handle a variety of materials, such as the Rotobec Elite 910 + Waste Collection Grapple.

Authorized Rotobec Dealer

Looking for a do-everything package? Pair a Rotobec loader and grapple with a Ledwell Dump Truck for a powerful machine that’ll get the job done.

As an authorized Rotobec dealer with the quickest turnaround times in the industry, we can build a truck to your specs and ship it out when you need it, where you need it. Learn more.

Contact us at 888-533-9355 or to discuss which Rotobec attachment will best meet your needs.

Partnership leads to new tracked hydroexcavator

hydro excavation system from Ledwell

In 2019, we had the opportunity to manufacture one of our vacuum tanks combined with a crawler carrier that could change an industry.

This project was similar to others- taking an idea and turning it into reality.

To provide a solution.

In Ledwell fashion, we ran towards the opportunity.

The Opportunity

When a hydro-excavation contractor needs to perform work in hard-to-reach or environmentally sensitive areas such as swamps or marshes, it is often difficult to use large trucks.

Mats can sometimes be placed down for the trucks to drive over to protect the environment from any damage the heavy machines may cause.

Those mats are heavy, bulky, and expensive, though, and they take additional time to utilize.

hydro excavation system from Ledwell

The Solution

However, through a collaborative effort with Ledwell & Son, PRINOTH and Pipeline & Utility Rental Equipment (PURE), the pipeline and utility industries have a new tool to make digging easier.

The TrakVac is a compact hydro excavator built by Ledwell and mounted on a PRINOTH crawler carrier buggy. It combines the agility of a crawler carrier to access hard-to-reach areas with low-impact vacuum technology where traditional digging is more difficult, especially close to underground utilities and pipelines.

The idea was to get a more compact hydro-excavation unit into some of the harder-to-reach or environmentally sensitive areas of pipeline construction.

“The total package of hydroexcavation with the ability to ‘Go Anywhere’ (which is PRINOTH’s slogan) makes the TrakVac a true initiative and an answer to the growing demands of the pipeline industry,” says Gary Gathright, Ledwell engineer.

An industry first, the TrakVac provides a solution for unique job sites. After countless hours of engineering, manufacturing, and perfecting, we are proud to share this innovation with the world.

Dig Different’s March issue features this unique machine as a Product Spotlight. Read more about it in Dig Different’s Product Spotlight.

Lube Buddy Provides Service On the Go

Ledwell Service Skid - Manufactured in America

When you’re on the go, working a time-sensitive job, or just looking for convenience, you need access to service equipment fast. Ledwell has your quick solution to perform in-the-field equipment PM service and maintenance with a portable service skid – Lube Buddy.

Our Lube Buddies provide an easy and efficient way for you to keep your equipment serviced and ready to go. This equipment can be utilized as a mobile unit or serve as a stationary portable maintenance center at the job site!

Our Lube Buddy, Jr. is suited for light-duty vehicles. Its smaller stature makes it lighter, and easy to move from location to location. Convenient to place. Allows for easy access to air, fresh fluids, and properly dispose of waste. This piece of equipment comes with spill and overflow pans to minimize mess, and non-corrosive pipe fittings to ensure longevity.

If you’re searching for something a little more heavy-duty, we’ve got you covered.

This Lube Buddy option can turn any of your medium-duty hauling vehicles into a skid-mounted, self-contained fuel and lube service center! Much like the Lube Buddy, Junior, the Lube Buddy Max is designed in such a way to prevent excessive spillover and ensure a long lifespan.

Easily move these units with a forklift. Place on a level surface to avoid any spills and to ensure proper operation. Be sure to always read the accompanying operators’ manuals in regard to all pieces of equipment you own.

To learn more about the Lube Buddy, Jr. or Lube Buddy Max and other service equipment, visit our Service Truck page.

Ledwell Lube Skid with Compressor
Ledwell Lube Buddy Jr

Robotic Welder Plays Key Role in Production

Training on Robot Welder

In the industrial world, a big word is efficiency – especially when it comes to manufacturing. One needs to be able to get parts, pieces, and products out fast and accurately. People are and will always be the key, but sometimes they need a little help to keep up with customer demands. That’s why Ledwell would like to introduce you to a new addition to our team – our Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Robotic Welder.

Our Robotic Welder is currently being used to produce over 30 types of parts – for example, our hydraulic cylinders.

We’ve decreased the time it takes to weld together a cylinder in half due to this innovation. The robot program knowledge is growing and soon will handle the output of our most highly produced parts.

This machine can move roughly three to four times faster than the average person with the accuracy and precision Ledwell requires. Where it might take a person 20 minutes to weld a single part, it would take the robot five.

The operator has two options in controlling this machine. They can either control it Offline, meaning they present a 3D model and provide commands, or they can teach the machine and guide its every movement. Either way, the Robotic Welder is non-stop.

The continuous movement is really what gives the machine an extra edge and makes it cool to watch!

Follow us on social media and you might see it in action.


CNC Robotic Welder
Program training on Robot Welder

Top 5 Tips on Telematics

The future is digital, and that includes how we keep track of equipment. Whether in the rental industry or construction, you want to know where your equipment is and how it’s performing. Rental Equipment Register put together a few industry experts’ tips on utilizing the most out of telematics and software.

What is telematics?


Telematics is a technology that monitors and gathers the logistics of a vehicle or an entire fleet. Telematics utilizes computer systems to collect data from various operation points, including location, driver behavior, fuel, and overall health.


Why should I consider using telematics?


There is always room for improvement, and we think these tips on telematics are just the way to help you do your job better. 

1: Make the right IT investment decision:

says Loren Carlson, operations manager, Star Rentals. “Once made, it is very costly to rectify,” Carlson says. “Make sure you have a clear understanding of the pain points of the current system, or lack of system. Establish a clear understanding of what you intend to improve, and how you will measure success. The best way to do this is to solicit input from every level and area of the company.” Once completed, this serves as the basis for evaluating IT options and helps to keep the evaluation discussion focused.

2: Create an implementation roadmap:

Once the IT decision is made, invest time in configuring it before it’s rolled out, to make the user interface as intuitive as possible, says Carlson. “It may be capable of great things, but if users struggle to adapt to it, your returns will be delayed while you waste time and energy pushing users to use it. The same applies with back-end system integration. Creating an implementation Roadmap ahead of time will ensure you realize the benefits as quickly as possible.”

3: Focus on impact, not just ROI:

As you evaluate IT options, think about who and what will benefit from technology first, says Martin Roath of ZTR Control Systems. “Some benefits will be easy to quantify, while others may be more financially intangible,” Roath says. “For example, technology benefits could affect culture or customer experience in undeniable ways that are difficult to measure in dollars.”

4: Consider application flexibility:

As time passes, requirements for IT can change so be sure to look for solutions that don’t limit your future, says Roath. “As you think about your people, processes, and other business systems, be sure to consider integration capabilities that connect your business systems together,” he says.

5: Develop a training support structure:

Make the structure accessible to everyone in the company. “This can be scaled to any size business, but the key is to have expert level assistance readily available,” Carlson says.

These five tips are just the beginning. Over two dozen experienced industry professionals helped put together 50 telematics tips. We hope these help your company become more effective. Learn how even the slightest change with telematics and software can make a world of difference.

Read about all 50 tips from Rental Equipment Register here.

Logistically Speaking: Liechtenstein Pumps

Ledwell Vacuum Trucks receive pumps from Liechtenstein

At Ledwell, we make every effort to deliver a superior product to our customers.

Only the best materials and parts are used to achieve this goal. Fulfilling that promise led us to a place off the beaten path where we found the perfect vacuum pumps to use on our line of vacuum equipment.

Ledwell Vacuum Truck - Rev-T for sale

Liechtenstein, a micro-state landlocked between Switzerland and Austria, is one of the most interesting places Ledwell sources parts from. Measuring just over 62 square miles, you could fit Liechtenstein almost six times within the city limits of Dallas. Liechtenstein manufactures a large number of products used all over the world. Dietmar Kaiser, our vacuum pump vendor, is a perfect example. They ship around the globe, including Texarkana, Texas.

Dietmar Kaiser has been in business since 2003 and specializes in components and accessories for environmental equipment. Their VPC – Vacuum Pumps are highly specialized in the application of the Liquid Ring Vacuum Trucks. These unique vacuum tank pumps reduce gas emission when used with certain filtration systems, including the design on the Ledwell Liquid Ring Vacuum Truck.

We’re thankful at Ledwell that we found a wonderful vacuum pump manufacturer and that our customers can continue to depend on the quality products we build, regardless of where we have to go to find the parts and pieces.

liquid ring vacuum truck ledwell

Don’t Waste Time

The United States has access to an abundance of sanitation facilities, all falling into the Waste Industry. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, our waste management system recorded and collected the clean-up of around 250,000,000 tons of waste in 2015 in various ways including recycling and landfills.

The Waste Industry entails the careful collection, movement, and cleaning of a variety of materials. From your home trash cans, to oceanic pollution, this industry works diligently to remove hazards from the world around you. This includes the use of vacuum trucks, dump trucks, and a whole line of other products that are designed using intricate systems and technology for the perfect solution. In the US, this industry is split into sub industries, including Waste Collection, Waste Treatment and Disposal, Remediation and other services.

Ledwell offers equipment for any level of this type of field work. For waste collection, might we suggest our Trash Dump with a Rotobec accessory. How about a Portable Restroom Truck for Waste Treatment and Disposal? Or our Revolution Vacuum Truck for Environmental Remediation? All of the equipment mentioned have separate functions, but all offer a solution to the industry. Our vacuum systems allow the user to handle dry materials, mixes, sludge or reclaim hydrocarbons. Ledwell Dump Bodies offer easy and efficient evacuation.

If you’re not sure how Ledwell can help you, click on the tab titled “Industry.” There, you can find out more about what Ledwell offers for your industry. Give us a call today and find out what we can offer you!

Raising the Stakes

Remember when you were a child, and you got your very first gingerbread house building kit?

For the most part, they come with four walls and each side of a roof, give or take a few attachments. Putting it together was pretty self-explanatory and as a child, you thought ‘hey, building is easy!’ But as you grew in age and maturity, you found out that not every job is like a cookie-cutter.

You have to restructure, maneuver, rearrange, and create in order to stand out and get the job done right. You learned that you need equipment to be as versatile as your ever-changing application.

For instance, maybe you’re a contractor and you need a truck that can haul wood, gallons of paint, tools, or anything else your client needs. Ledwell has your solution – our Stake Bed Truck.

Ledwell Stake Bed with Lift Gate
Stake bed truck for sale by Ledwell

A classic Stake Bed serves many purposes. It is a flatbed truck that includes sides that are generally either fold-able or removable, enabling its user to arrange materials in the most efficient way. The stake truck works for a variety of industries due to this unique feature.

In the Material Handling industry, benefits include its versatility, the Energy industry can haul anything from electrical supplies to oil barrels, the Construction industry can use the equipment as a means of storage and transport – the list goes on and on.

Each truck comes with a toolbox located towards the front of the bed and a lift gate installed at the rear, making loading a breeze.

When driving, the liftgate serves as a tailgate, but when loading or unloading, the equipment can be lowered and raised to make lifting and securing easier. The controls for this mechanism are located on the side of the bed so that you can quickly access them all while watching the liftgate move.

Ledwell Crash Truck with deployed Scorpion Attenuator

Or, customize your Stake Truck to absorb the impact of an on-road collision with an added Truck Mounted Attenuator.

Ledwell uses attenuators that are tested and pass under the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware, or MASH, updated guidelines. Include a cone seat and arrow board for a complete package designed with safety in mind.

All in all, this flatbed truck with stake sides is a very helpful asset for a wide array of companies and industries.

The possibilities are vast.

Contact us today and find out how a Ledwell Stake Bed might suit your company!

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