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Government Industry

Gull Wing Truck by Ledwell

There’s a reason that when the government needs best-in-class trucks and trailers, they call the experts at Ledwell.

Ledwell leads the way in supporting the government. Our Truck Bodies and Trailer equipment are utilized by government agencies of every size to support communities. From the US Army and federal authorities to local municipalities and state agencies, Ledwell has provided safe, durable, economical government trucks and trailers that help keep the country running effectively and on time.

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Best-Selling Government Trucks & Trailers

Water Trucks

Known for performance, durability, and extended lifespan.

Dump Trucks

Adaptable to your unique material transportation needs.


A wide range of heavy duty trailers that handle the most challenging of loads.

Service Trucks

Versatile, cost-effective delivery or maintenance trucks.

Vacuum Trucks

Setting the standard for vacuum systems.

We love our dove tail truck! This is well built and better than anything we have seen in a long time.

Joseph LongUSDA Forest Service

Government Resources

Ledwell & Son Company Overview 15:12

Learn about the people behind Ledwell’s trucks and trailers.

Ledwell Water Trucks 5:28

We have built thousands of Water Trucks over the years, and we know what it takes to get the job done.

Ledwell Hydraulic Tail Trailer 2:02

This versatile trailer offers multiple options for transporting equipment. Its hydraulically powered mini-deck allows easy access to the upper deck for additional cargo space.

Ledwell Supports First Response Team of America 4:42

Learn how Ledwell helped the First Response Team of America customize trailers to transport all of their lifesaving equipment.

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