HydraTilt Truck

The patented HydraTilt Truck is an unrivaled choice for efficiently transporting containers and non-powered equipment. Designed with urban areas in mind, this tilt deck truck offers a low ride height that allows for effortless tie-down and hassle-free transportation of larger equipment.

While operating similarly to our innovative Hydratail Truck, the HydraTilt Truck boasts an additional advantage—a tilted main deck.


Ledwell patented seal

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With its exceptional performance and minimal break-over, the HydraTilt Truck is specifically tailored for low-ground clearance equipment. Leveraging our state-of-the-art unified hinge system, deployment is now faster than ever, optimizing efficiency and significantly reducing the required loading space.

We are thrilled to announce that the Ledwell tilt deck Hydratilt Truck is now patented, solidifying its status as a cutting-edge solution in the industry.


26′ to 28′ bed lengths
30,000-pound bed capacity
Tilting main deck
10′ hydraulic tail with 5′ fold under


20,000-pound Hydraulic winch
Full-function wireless remote
Chain rack and pans
Ledwell manufactured hydraulics


Non-slip protective surface coating
Side steps for deck access
Full cab headache rack
Work lights
DOT-approved lights and reflectors


Multi-view camera system
LED wrecker light bar
Center tie downs
Scale system

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HydraTail Truck

How do I operate a HydraTail Truck?

Correctly operating your Ledwell HydraTail Truck is important to help extend the life of your equipment. Watch this operational series video or follow the steps below.

To get started, walk around the entire truck to inspect the following:

Overhead and ground obstructions, Winch & cable system, Hydraulic & Air Hoses, Lights, Wheels & Tires, and Remote control.

Make sure the truck is on level ground.

Set the parking brake and put the truck in neutral.

Engage PTO.

Dump the truck’s suspension.

Chock the wheels.

Use the Ledwell wireless remote to operate the hydraulic tail:

Push Tail Up to raise the tail.

Push Lock Off to unlock the tail & fold.

Push Fold Out to deploy the fold.

Push Tail Down to lower the tail until resting on the ground.

Safely load Equipment and remember to set the parking brake.

Secure equipment to the HydraTail Bed with your preferred tie-downs.

Be sure each piece is tied down at four points to secure it properly.

To unload, reverse the process.

Do you have to have a CDL to operate a HydraTail Truck?

Yes, if the GVWR is more than 26,000 pounds a CDL is required.

What length HydraTail Beds do you offer?

Our standard HydraTail Truck bed lengths are 26′, 28′, or 30′. We do offer custom lengths as an option. Our Sales Team would be happy to discuss the best fit for your application.