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Bulk Haul Feed Industry

Ledwell Classic Bulk Feed Trailer


For over 75 years, Ledwell’s quality bulk feed truck bodies and trailers have supported the crucial agriculture industry’s ever-changing demands.

Responding to the needs of feed industry operators and consumers inspires us to be innovative, agile, and competitive. Our engineers work with industry experts to design cutting-edge products to address challenges that arise in the agriculture industry.

Whether you need to transport farm equipment, deliver bulk animal feed, or service your farm’s machinery, Ledwell has you covered.

For all your bulk feed delivery needs: choose Ledwell!

Download the 2023 Ledwell Bulk Feed Industry Catalog (.pdf)
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Best-Selling Bulk Haul Feed Industry Trucks & Trailers

Classic Bulk Haul Trucks

The delivery system that outpaces the competition.

Drop Deck Bulk Feed Trailer

A versatile trailer for all of your feed hauling needs.

Paddle Wagon Trucks

Bulk feed delivery proven to be best in class.

Classic Bulk Haul Trailer

The feed trailer that's unmatched in hauling capacity.

Ledwell Drag Chain Trailers have been in our fleet for over a decade. Their feed trailers are built to last and are very user friendly in terms of maintenance, repair and gentle to pelleted feed.

JFS Milling

Bulk Feed Industry Resources

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Bulk Haul Feed Safety 2:45

Maximize efficiency when operating a Ledwell Bulk Feed Trailer by following the proper steps.

Ledwell Supports First Response Team of America 4:42

Learn how Ledwell helped the First Response Team of America customize trailers to transport all of their lifesaving equipment.

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