Lumber Dump

If you haul lumber, you won’t find a more reliable bed than Ledwell’s Lumber Bed. Whether you are hauling a pallet of plywood or material to build a house, this tough lumber dump truck bed will safely get the job done.

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When it comes to transporting lumber, Ledwell offers a highly reliable solution with our specialized Lumber Bed for dump trucks. Designed to meet the unique demands of the lumber industry, our Lumber Dump Truck ensures unparalleled reliability. Whether you’re hauling a pallet of plywood or materials for constructing a house, this robust lumber dump truck bed is built to handle the task safely.

Our Lumber Dumps are well-suited for various loads, making them the perfect choice for transporting large or irregularly shaped materials. With their secure and flexible design, these lumber truck beds provide a dependable method for moving heavy building materials.

Trust Ledwell’s Lumber Dump Truck to deliver a seamless transportation experience, ensuring your valuable lumber cargo’s safe and efficient movement.


Various bed lengths
12′ removable sideboards
Telescopic or scissor hydraulic hoist


In-cab controls
Dual side step
50 degree dump angle


Safety support struts
Backup alarm
DOT-approved lights and reflectors
Conspicuity tape


Side ratchets
Rub rail and stake pockets
Forklift Package
Multi-view camera system

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How do I operate a dump truck?

Operating your Ledwell Dump Truck correctly is vital to extend the life of your equipment. Watch this operational series video or follow the steps below.

To get started, walk around the entire truck to inspect the following: Overhead and ground obstructions, Lights, Tailgate, Wheels & Tires, and Hydraulic Oil Tank – check that the oil level is three inches from the top.

If the load requires, extend roll tarp.

Before dumping, make sure the truck is on sturdy and level ground.

Retract roll tarp, if extended.

Release tailgate to dump.

Engage PTO inside the cab.

Push the lever up to raise the bed Lift bed prop for support.

When finished dumping, lower bed prop.

Pull the lever down to lower the bed.

Secure tailgate.

Can a dump bed truck have air-brakes and be non-CDL?

Yes, if the GVWR is 26,000 pounds or less.

Are fold down side walls an option on dump trucks?

Yes, some of our dump trucks can have fold-down sides. Multiple factors need to be considered. Please get in touch with one of our Sales Team members.

How do I inspect the shift tower for an air leak?

To check for air leaks in the shift tower, unplug the two airlines from the air cylinder on the pump. Cap off the air, be sure not to mix up the proper fittings lines came out of. After capping off ends, operate the up/down control to confirm if air leak stopped. If air has stopped, O-rings in cylinder or pump may need to be replaced. If valve still leaks then O-rings in shift tower may need to be replaced.