Lumber Dump

If you haul lumber, you won’t find a more reliable bed than Ledwell’s Lumber Bed. Whether you are hauling a pallet of plywood or material to build a house, this tough lumber dump truck bed will safely get the job done.

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  • Various bed lengths
  • 96″ or 102″ width
  • Telescopic or Scissor hydraulic hoist


  • In-cab controls
  • PTO / Hydraulic powered
  • 50 degree dump angle


  • Safety support strut
  • DOT approved lights and reflectors
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Backup alarm
  • Emergency reflectors
  • Conspicuity tape


  • Rub rail and stake pockets
  • Sliding ratchets
  • Multi-view camera system
  • Toolbox
  • Fork lift mounts