Water Trucks

2,000 Gallon Water Truck

Ledwell’s legacy of industry-leading craftsmanship is evident in our top-selling 2,000 Gallon Water Truck. With a well-earned reputation for its performance, durability, and extended life span, this truck is a crowd favorite for our customers.

As an added feature, our water tanks are lined with an interior coating to protect against deterioration. Every tank is filled with water and tested in all potential situations to ensure durability.

The Ledwell Promise: quick turnaround, top quality products, and award-winning customer service.

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4,000 Gallon Water Truck

Ledwell’s 4000 Gallon Water Truck is the perfect option for all of your large haul water projects.

The 4000 Gallon Water Truck is manufactured using high strength steel and optimized to ensure optimal performance and reliable efficiency.

Our tanks are lined with a thick interior coating, a feature added by our Ledwell team to protect against deterioration and to make the tanks last longer.

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