Box Dump Trucks

Transporting Loose Materials With Ease

Ledwell’s Box Dump Trucks are a popular and efficient choice to transport loose material such as sand, gravel, or demolition debris.

Our Ledwell Box Dump Trucks are available for light, medium, or heavy-duty applications.

We offer multiple chassis and configurations to pair with dump truck beds, making this truck incredibly adaptable to a customer’s unique material transportation needs.

Tub Dumps

Truck Bodies That Make Heavy Hauling Easier

Ledwell Tub Dump bodies have a rounded floor and lower center of gravity that give them the strength and stability required for heavy hauling.

Loads can be shed cleanly from the curved body shell, minimizing waste and improving unload time. The features on a Demolition Dump Truck allow for an improved hauling process overall.

The Ledwell dump truck bed comes in a wide variety of sizes and feature customizable options to allow our customers to move especially difficult loads with ease.

Flatbed Dump

A secure, flexible way to move heavy loads.

Flatbed Dumps are ideal for loading and transporting heavy or odd-shaped loads and can be used for light to heavy-duty applications. With removable sideboards, this dump allows for greater load flexibility and security.

Ledwell makes transporting materials and heavy loads that are usually difficult to move easier and more efficient. To transport whatever your business needs, check out Ledwell’s vast array of inventory to find the perfect solution today!

Lumber Dump

If you haul lumber, you won’t find a more reliable dump truck bed than Ledwell’s Lumber Bed. Whether you are hauling a pallet of plywood or material to build a house, this tough lumber dump truck bed will safely get the job done.

Trash Dump

Trash is defined differently around the world. No matter what you’re hauling; construction debris, landscape cuttings, tree branches or waste materials, Ledwell’s Trash dump truck bed is durable enough to withstand the harshest materials.