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The United States has access to an abundance of sanitation facilities, all falling into the Waste Industry. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, our waste management system recorded and collected the clean-up of around 250,000,000 tons of waste in 2015 in various ways including recycling and landfills.

The Waste Industry entails the careful collection, movement, and cleaning of a variety of materials. From your home trash cans, to oceanic pollution, this industry works diligently to remove hazards from the world around you. This includes the use of vacuum trucks, dump trucks, and a whole line of other products that are designed using intricate systems and technology for the perfect solution. In the US, this industry is split into sub industries, including Waste Collection, Waste Treatment and Disposal, Remediation and other services.

Ledwell offers equipment for any level of this type of field work. For waste collection, might we suggest our Trash Dump with a Rotobec accessory. How about a Portable Restroom Truck for Waste Treatment and Disposal? Or our Revolution Vacuum Truck for Environmental Remediation? All of the equipment mentioned have separate functions, but all offer a solution to the industry. Our vacuum systems allow the user to handle dry materials, mixes, sludge or reclaim hydrocarbons. Ledwell Dump Bodies offer easy and efficient evacuation.

If you’re not sure how Ledwell can help you, click on the tab titled “Industry.” There, you can find out more about what Ledwell offers for your industry. Give us a call today and find out what we can offer you!

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