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When you need the ultimate strength in your rollback equipment, Ledwell’s Machinery Moving Rollback has you covered. With operations indistinguishable from our Medium and Heavy Duty Rollbacks, it is easy to use and designed with you in mind. This equipment is manufactured using the toughest steel to ensure dependability and longevity, no matter the load. Ledwell has the capability to customize your equipment to fit your specific needs.

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Optimize Your Machinery Moving Experience with Ledwell’s Powerful Rollback Solution When you need exceptional strength and performance from your rollback equipment, look no further than the Machinery Moving Rollback by Ledwell. This high-powered solution is designed with your needs in mind, offering seamless operation that rivals our Medium and Heavy Duty Rollbacks. Choose between a bed length of 28 or 30 feet to suit your requirements.

Experience unparalleled durability and functionality with our Machinery Mover. Engineered to handle heavy loads and endure long-term use, this truck sets new standards in reliability.


28′ to 30′ bed lengths
40,000-pound bed capacity
Hydraulic tilting subframe
Hydraulic independent stabilizers


20,000-pound Hydraulic winch
Full-function wireless remote
Chain rack and pans
Sharply tapered tail


Non-slip protective surface coating
Dual side steps for deck access
DOT-approved lights and reflectors
Back-up alarm
Work lights


Multi-view camera system
Air-actuated pintle hitch
LED wrecker light bar
Center tie downs
Scale system

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How do I operate a Ledwell Rollback?

Watch this or read below to operate your Ledwell Rollback correctly to extend the life of the bed.

To get started, walk around the entire truck to inspect the following: Hydraulic & Air Hoses, Winch & cable system, Lights, Flooring, and Wheels & Tires. Make sure the truck is on level ground.

Position truck far enough in front of the payload to roll bed back.

Engage PTO inside the cab.

Dump the rollback suspension. Chock the wheels.


If using Ledwell’s wireless remote to operate:

Push Stabilizer Down to lower stabilizer until it rests firmly on the ground.

Push Rollback Off to slide the bed towards the rear of the truck until the arrow indicator decal is behind mud flaps.

Push Bed Lift Up to adjust the angle of the bed.

Load at the lowest possible angle for safety.

Alternate sliding and adjusting angle of bed until firmly on the ground Load Equipment and remember to set the parking brake.

Secure equipment to the rollback with preferred tie-downs.

Be sure each piece is tied down at four points to secure properly.


To unload, reverse the process.

What length Rollback Beds do you offer?

Our standard Rollback lengths are 28′ or 30′. We do offer custom lengths as an option. Our Sales Team would be happy to discuss the best fit for your application.

What size load can I haul on my Rollback?

A 28’ Rollback bed is designed for a 30,000 lb. load evenly distributed. Care must be taken with hard tired equipment as this causes a high point load on the bed between the cross members. Always load in center of the bed over the bed rails for maximum carrying safety.

Why is my bed noisy and loose when operating?

Your bed moves and is supported on nylatron bearing pads located on the main bed rails both inside and outside the flanges.

These require a liberal greasing of both the flanges, center web of the beam, and top pads of the truck frame rail with NLGI G#2 specification waterproof grease monthly. A small paint roller works well for this.

When the truck receives PM, that is a good time to grease all points.

Why does my bed operate slowly and stall out against a load?

Your truck has a 17GPM Hydraulic pump set to produce 2100 PSI at the relief. Slow operating and stalling are signs your pump may be getting weak.

A weak pump will not produce enough flow or pressure because it is bypassing internally, which will make the oil heat up more than usual.

Staling could also mean overloading if you hear the pressure relief bypassing.


What is the proper way to operate a winch?

This video will teach you how to correctly operate a hydraulic winch to load or unload equipment on any manufactured Ledwell truck body or trailer, or follow the steps below.

To get started, inspect the following: Overhead & ground obstructions and winch cable for breakage.

Engage PTO inside the cab.

Dump the air suspension of the truck or trailer. Chock the wheels.


If using Ledwell’s wireless remote to operate:

Push Winch Out to reel out the winch.

Pull the chain through the tow hook and secure it.

Push Winch In to reel in the winch.

Load Equipment and remember to set the parking brake.

Secure equipment with preferred tie-downs.

Be sure each piece is anchored at four points to secure properly.

To unload, reverse the process.

How long is my winch cable?

A standard winch mounted on any Ledwell truck is 5/8″ x 50′ while those mounted on any Ledwell trailer are 5/8″ x 75′.