5/6 Yard Box Dump

The 5/6 Yard Box Dump Body will take care of your toughest loads. It is a popular choice for transporting loose material, such as sand, gravel or demolition debris. Ledwell Box Dumps are available for light, medium or heavy duty applications and can be paired with an in-stock chassis. We offer multiple chassis configurations to pair with any dump truck bed, making the Ledwell dump truck adaptable to any material moving need.

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  • 5 to 6 cubic yard bed capacity
  • 96″ or 102″ width
  • 24″ Side height
  • Removable side boards
  • Telescopic or Scissor hydraulic hoist


  • In-cab controls
  • Double acting tailgate with spreader chains
  • Single chute in tailgate
  • Spring loaded tarp cover
  • 50 degree dump angle


  • Safety support strut
  • DOT approved lights and reflectors
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Backup alarm
  • Emergency reflectors
  • Conspicuity tape


  • Air or Electrically operated tarp cover
  • Double chute in tailgate
  • Pintle hitch
  • Multi-view camera system
  • LED wrecker light bar