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Vacuum Trucks

Classic Vacuum Trucks

Powerful Vacuum Units That Get The Job Done
Ledwell’s Vacuum Trucks sets the standard for vacuum systems. Our Classic Vacuum Truck is available in both dumping and non-dumping frameworks. These powerful industrial units deliver relentless, continuous performance and a higher payload capability. Ledwell Vacuum Trucks offer an impressive selection of vacuum systems and unlimited add-on options.

Heritage Vacuum Trucks

A Truck For All The Needs Of The Energy And Waste Industries
Ledwell’s Heritage Vacuum Truck covers all the needs one might have within the energy or waste industries. Our Heritage Vacuum Trucks give you the option of ASME or DOT code verification. Our Vacuum Tanker configurations offer end-users a combination of vacuum and pressure service with the added capability to distribute water for dust control and environmental clean-up.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Trucks

Custom Designed Trucks To Simplify Pump Operation
Ledwell Liquid Ring Vacuum Trucks are designed to perform a continuous process through the Ledwell Liquid Ring vacuum pumps. Choosing the Ledwell Liquid Ring allows for users to pump air in and out of a tank, while also cutting down on maintenance needs, simplifying the pump operation.

Portable Restroom Service Trucks

A Truck Built To Overcome Service Obstacles And Increase Safety
The Ledwell Portable Restroom Service Vehicle is designed to overcome service obstacles by improving safety, performance, and durability. By reducing route time and improving the efficiency of the total operation, the Ledwell Vacuum Unit will actually increase your bottom line and reduce your cost of ownership overall.

Revolution Vacuum Trucks

Built To Allow Users To Handle All Kinds of Materials
Ledwell Revolution Vacuum Trucks are large capacity, large air volume vacuum trucks. Available with a tri-lobe style blower or sizable liquid ring pump system with towers, these trucks allow the user to handle dry materials, mixes, sludge, or to reclaim hydrocarbons. An integrated baghouse filtration system, dump tubes, and high capacity tank with optional boom provide maximum airflow and material movement.
Looking for a custom-designed vacuum truck for your operation? Reach out to Ledwell today!

We love doing business with Ledwell because they maintain inventory levels for all of our equipment, they make that commitment. We never have to wait on anything – it’s very timely. They take care of us.

Payton LockeyVacuum Truck Rentals

Reltated Equipment

Roll Off Hoist

Built to haul containers over the long term.

Lube Buddy

Cut down service time by taking your fuel and lube service directly to your work-site.

Water Trucks

Built to out perform.

Grapple Trucks

Do-it-all attachment for any job.

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Vacuum Tankers FAQ

How do I operate a Ledwell Vacuum Truck?

If you did not receive an operation manual with the delivery of your equipment, please contact our Service Department for a copy of the proper operation instructions to extend the tank’s life.

What is an ASME Code tank?

ASME standards is the code that regulates the design, development, and construction of boilers and pressure vessels utilized in a variety of industries. This program was developed to certify quality control systems for the design, fabrication, assembly, and inspection of boiler and pressure vessel components during construction.


What does PTO stand for?

PTO is short for power take-off.

How do I order a new PTO for my equipment?

We offer multiple PTO options. To ensure you order the correct size for your equipment, please contact our Parts Department.

Where are the extra fuses for the PTO stored?

If equipment is mounted on a truck, any extra fuses will be placed in the battery box.

How often should I inspect the PTO?

The PTO should be checked during the pre-operation inspection. Bolts on the PTO should be tightened monthly according to the Capscrew Marking and Torque Values Chart.

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