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If you need to shield your cargo from the elements, Ledwell Gull Wing™ is a great choice. It offers a superior option to traditional curtain side trailers. Our patented design can accommodate several pallets along the bed’s length. However, Ledwell can tailor the Gull Wing™ to your specifications. From production to service, we deliver a truck that meets your needs.




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The Ledwell Gull Wing™ is an ideal alternative to a curtain side trailer when material needs to be protected from outside elements. Our classic model fits multiple pallets perfectly down the length of the bed, although Ledwell can customize the length of the Gull Wing™ to fit your specification.

With its distinctive wing design, our patented truck can safely load and unload multiple pallets of heavy materials on both sides. When switching from a curtain side trailer to the Gull Wing, a customer increased on-time delivery to 98%. The Gull Wing’s unique features shield and safeguard your cargo from damaging elements like scorching sun rays. Trust us to deliver your materials safely and intact.


25’ 6” steel bed length
Gull Wing style doors
Weather resistant construction


Center tie downs
Aluminum skin
Full Function Wireless Remote
In-cab operation


Safety support arms
DOT approved lights and reflectors
Backup alarm
Emergency reflectors


Multi-view camera system
Low clearance Gull Wing doors
Forklift package

Ledwell Gull Wing Trucks help speed up daily deliveries.

A meeting was immediately set for him and his team—including a driver and safety personnel—to visit Ledwell and see a Gull Wing, Ledwell’s version of the trucks Olmstead had seen in action in Japan.

Originally developed as a custom product for Wholesale Electric, Ledwell’s patented Gull Wing helped the electric wholesaler revolutionize its distribution model. Its watertight side doors keep valuable cargo dry and make it easier for delivery drivers to unload specific pieces of equipment quickly.

With its new Gull Wing units, Olmstead’s team was able to deliver efficiently no matter the weather.

Their performance metrics lifted from 87% on-time to 98% on time in a matter of weeks.

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