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Ledwell and Son original manufactured truck body
Buddy Ledwell - founder of Ledwell and Son Enterprises

Where We Started

After returning from the war in 1946, L.W. (Buddy) Ledwell and his father, Lloy Ward Ledwell, established Ledwell & Son Lumber in Texarkana, Texas. Building pickup racks and livestock trailers was a sideline for the company at first, but soon became the focus of the operation.

Buddy incorporated Ledwell & Son and built his first truck shop at the corner of Robinson Road and Waco Street in Texarkana. Today, Ledwell includes fourth-generation family members and has expanded operations onto a substantial manufacturing site with over 600 talented employees.

Where We Are Today

For almost 80 years, Ledwell has continued the legacy of excellence started by Lloy and Buddy Ledwell, with an expansion of services and an eye for quality and dedicated customer service. Ledwell offers custom manufactured truck bodies, trailers, and parts and service. Businesses, large and lean, come to Ledwell with transportation needs and are provided with the best, most innovative solution. 

Ledwell’s mission is to manufacture top-quality equipment that is efficient, reliable, and customized exactly to the customer’s needs.

Ledwell facility in Texarkana, TX


Today, Ledwell includes fourth-generation family members and a team of dedicated employees with decades of experience. The result – an unmatched focus on the quality of our products and our customer relationships.


Manufacturing tough, innovative equipment that moves you forward.


When it comes to quality, we never compromise. From production to service, we deliver equipment that’s built to last. That’s what Ledwell Made means.


We work hard. We’re problem solvers. We meet customer challenges with innovative solutions. We get it done.


It took sweat, dedication, and a lot of hard work to build this company. This legacy guides us today.


Our people care. We do what’s right for our employees, our customers, and our community – because that’s what family does.


Quality control is at the core of everything we do, but it’s not the only benefit our customers can count on. At Ledwell, we pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs, from equipment performance to regulatory compliance. 


Our skilled craftsmen average 20 years in this industry and don’t back away from a challenge.

Choose Quality Solutions. Choose Dedicated Support. Choose Ledwell.

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