Paddle Wagon Trailer

When you’re looking to deliver large amounts of feed or wood pellets to your customers, the Ledwell Paddle Wagon Feed Trailer gets the job done. Our Paddle Wagon Delivery System can expertly deliver any type of pellets while preserving pellet quality.

When you’re looking for a consistently reliable bulk haul feed trailer, the Ledwell Paddle Wagon Feed Trailer is for you.

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When transporting bulk feed or wood pellets to your customers, trust the Ledwell Paddle Wagon Feed Trailer. Our advanced Paddle Wagon Delivery System ensures accurate delivery of all pellet types, while maintaining their quality.

Rely on the Ledwell’s Paddle Wagon Trailer for dependable, consistent bulk hauling services. Choose us for all your transportation needs.


Paddle conveyor system
Extruded keel
Various compartments configurations
25 to 40 ton hauling capacity


Air-operated side slide or manual roll tarp top doors
Air-operated or manual rack & pinion bottom doors
Auger  or Drag Chain floor delivery
Full-function wireless remote
Rear hydraulic controls


DOT-approved lights and reflectors
Fire extinguisher
Backup alarm
Emergency reflectors
Conspicuity tape


High Volume discharge
Vacuum reclaimer
Air discharge blower
Self-contained engine
Curbside catwalk & rear ladder
Air operated handrail

Paddle Wagon Feed Trailer Resources




Paddle Wagon

What are the operating procedures for a Paddle Wagon Feedbody?

Watch this short video or follow below to learn how to operate a bulk haul feed paddle wagon from Ledwell to optimize unloading capabilities.

To get started, walk around the entire trailer to inspect the following: Overhead and ground obstructions, Hydraulic Valves in the neutral position, Hydraulic and Air Hoses, Lights, Wheels and Tires, and Remote control.



Pull up to the mill and position as needed.

Check that your bottom doors are closed.

Open the top doors.

Fill the bins of the trailer.



Engage the PTO.

Push out and raise on the remote to move the discharge boom away from the trailer.

Use the remote control to position the discharge over the silo.

Push paddle boom on. Push floor on.

Open the bin closest to the rear – remembering to unload from back to front.

Leave each door open as you move forward.

Check the discharge gauge – it should be around 1100 to 1200 PSI.

Check the floor gauge – it should be around 500 to 600 PSI.

Adjust the floor’s flow control to achieve 1100 to 1200 PSI on the discharge gage – the PSI will vary on feed type.

As the bin empties, the pressure will drop on gauges – this is how you will know to open the next bin.

Once all bins are empty, Push floor off.

Push paddle boom off Push lower and in to place the paddle boom back in the saddle.

Make sure to close all bottom doors.

What is the optimal pressure for the discharge on a Paddle Wagon?

Pressure for the discharge should be around 1,100 to 1,200 PSI for optimal flow.

What is the optimal pressure for the floor on a Paddle Wagon Bulk Haul?

Pressure for the discharge should be around 500 to 600 PSI for optimal flow.

Severe Duty Cooler

What is the max PSI for my Hydraulic Cooler?

The Ledwell Severe Duty Cooler is rated for return line pressure up to 300 PSI maximum.

Are Severe Duty Cooler parts available to order?

Yes, there are several parts available to upgrade or replace on your Hydraulic Cooler. Contact our Parts Department for a quote.

What is the maximum flow rate that a Severe Duty Cooler can support?

The SDC is routinely used in systems up to 70 gpm.