2,000 Gallon Water Truck

Ledwell is proud to present our exceptional 2000 gallon water truck, showcasing our legacy of industry-leading craftsmanship. Benefit from our meticulous attention to detail and superior engineering, resulting in a water truck that outshines the competition. Designed to surpass expectations, this vehicle delivers optimal functionality and reliability, ensuring you can confidently tackle any water transportation task.

One standout feature of our water truck is its interior coating, meticulously applied to protect against deterioration. We go the extra mile by subjecting every tank to rigorous testing in various scenarios, ensuring unmatched durability.

The Ledwell Made Guarantee: swift support, tough build, solid partnerships.


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Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of Ledwell with our industry-leading 2000 gallon water truck. This top-selling vehicle showcases our commitment to quality, performance, and longevity, making it a favorite among our customers.

Count on Ledwell to deliver on our promise of prompt service, top-notch products, and unparalleled customer support. Experience the legacy of excellence with our 2000 gallon water truck.


2000 Gallon tank capacity
PTO driven pump
Protective interior coating
5 Spray heads


In-cab controls
Interior hose reel with storage
Multiple filling options


Backup alarm
DOT-approved lights and reflectors
Conspicuity tape


Stainless steel tank
Water Cannon
Sparger bar
Legal load limiter
Multi-view camera system
4000 Gallon tank capacity

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How do you operate a water truck?

Learn to operate your Ledwell Water Truck correctly to extend the life of your equipment by following the steps below or watching this operation video.

Walk around the entire truck to perform a pre-trip inspection. Be sure to check the following: Wheels & tires, PTO for leaks, Driveline for connection, Pump bolts are tightened, and has slow drip at packing.

Primer Tank Valve to be closed if filling via fire hydrant or top fill


To fill tank: Fire Hydrant

Connect the hose with cam lock to fill the pipe at the rear of the tank.

Connect the other end of the hose to a fire hydrant.

Turn hydrant on to begin filling.

While filling the tank, beware of the Road Limit gauge at the tank’s front driver side.


To fill tank: Top Fill

Open manway lid at the top of the tank, if applicable.

Center opening of the tank with the opening of water source


To fill tank: Suction Hose

Close 4″ butterfly valve on the suction side of the pump.

Remove cam lock from suction pipe and attach fill hose.

Open the primer tank valve and allow water to fill the system.

Pull the bleeder valve to allow air to escape.

Engage PTO Set RPM to 1,800 – 2,000 to begin filling the tank.

Once the tank is full, Disengage PTO.

Shut primer tank valve.

Remove the fill hose and replace the camlock cap.

Open 4″ butterfly on suction.


To begin spraying:

Attach side spray, if desired Engage PTO and put the truck in gear.

Pull valves in the cab to activate nozzles – Front/Rear/Side.

Drive as needed to perform spray – being mindful of water movement in the tank

CAUTION: At high engine RPM, do not close all spray valves at once.

Disengage PTO


To spray via Hose Reel:

Engage PTO.

Manually open the gate valve at the rear passenger side of the tank.

Adjust nozzle as needed.

Disengage PTO

What should the output of my water truck be?

The pump on a Ledwell water tanker is set up to pump around 400GPM at 2000RPM engine speed with about 55PSI at the spray heads.

At this engine speed, you should receive a spray pattern of 55′ wide by 30′ deep and a side spray 65′ to 75’out.

Most PTOs are in the 111% to 126% range. The pump will peak at 2400-2500RPM (pump speed).

What size drive line does my water truck use?

Drive lines vary in length depending on the truck and water tank size.

Measure from the pump yoke’s tip to the PTO yoke’s tip. This measurement will be the most accurate for a new drive line.

How do I adjust the cables on my water truck?

The cables on a manual water truck stretch some initially after use. If leaking occurs at outlets, you might need to adjust the cables.

Follow these steps to adjust water truck cables:

Remove the clevis pin in the cable connection to the valve. Ensure that the valve is free of debris.

Close the valve completely with a wrench.

Shift in-cab handle to the closed position.

Adjust the cable housing using the two jam nuts on the mounting bracket until the pinhole in the clevis lines up with the hole in the valve lever.

Install the pin.

Check for closure by opening and closing. Fine-tune adjust as needed.

Can I haul and spray other liquids with my water truck?

Our tanks are lined with Lifelast coating to protect the tank from corrosion. This coating is tolerant of most chemicals with the exception of strong acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and chlorinated solvents. Always check the content before loading your tank with water mixed products.

The pump on my water truck is leaking. How do I fix that?

The pump is designed to leak in order to wet the packing and keep it cool. It should drip 40 to 60 drops a minute. It’s adjustable with the packing gland ring and the two threaded studs holding it. When all the adjustment is taken up, then it is time to replace the packing.