Classic Bulk Haul Truck

If you are looking for a bulk delivery system that is consistently reliable and fast in the delivery of your feed, wood pellets, or other material; turn to our Classic Bulk Haul Delivery System.

Our optional Drag Chain Bottom offers 15-25% better material quality than other delivery systems. The Ledwell Auger Bottom design is second to none.

The Classic Bulk Haul Delivery System can be mounted on the chassis of your choice. It also is equipped with the signature Ledwell Torque Converter System, an engineering and design feature that helps prevent overheating and requires less maintenance.



  • 12′ to 28′ body lengths
  • 96″ or 102″ width
  • Extruded keel
  • Various compartments configurations
  • 12 to 25 ton hauling capacity


  • Air operated, Manual or Roll Tarp top doors
  • Rack & pinion or Air operated bottom doors
  • Auger or Drag Chain floor delivery
  • Rear hydraulic controls
  • Full function wireless remote


  • DOT approved lights and reflectors
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Backup alarm
  • Emergency reflectors
  • Conspicuity tape
  • Curbside catwalk & rear ladder
  • Air operated handrail


  • Auger or Vacuum reclaimer
  • Air discharge blower
  • Sack Boxes
  • Rear bumper – stationary or swinging
  • Lift Axle