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Utility Truck Beds

Stake Bed Truck

Your Multipurpose Workhorse 

Need a versatile, cost-effective delivery or maintenance service truck? Ledwell Stake Beds feature removable or fold-down sides useful for hauling materials and equipment for agriculture, construction, oilfield servicing, and a wide range of industries. These multipurpose trucks can handle various materials and accommodate payloads of varying sizes.

Ledwell Stake Beds are 12-28 feet in length, and we offer numerous options for customization depending on your transportation needs.

Flat Bed Truck

The Mainstay Every Fleet Needs

Some classics never go out of style. We optimized the classic flatbed truck to be the most durable option on the market. With its long life and low cost of ownership, the Ledwell Flatbed Truck will be part of your fleet for years.

Our flatbeds allow you to deliver anything from pallets of material to oddly-shaped equipment. Choose from various lengths with multiple options, including a forklift package to make loading and unloading as efficient as possible. Ledwell Flatbeds are custom built with your choice of chassis.

Ledwell Lube Buddy

Your Portable Fuel & Lube Service Unit

Cut down service time by taking your fuel and lube service directly to your work-site. Put your medium-duty flatbed truck to work as a moving service center with the Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Jr, a portable, skid-mounted, self-contained lube service unit.

Load the Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Max to your flatbed truck or unload it on the ground or a platform at the job site. This flexible, free-standing unit creates a temporary service center that can move with your equipment.

Service Truck

Custom Trucks For Mobile Maintenance

When equipment goes down in the field, you need a service truck equipped with everything required to perform repairs off-site. We can outfit Service Trucks with almost any equipment you need for complete serviceability, from a standard Mechanic’s Truck to a large Lube Truck.

Choose from our extensive chassis inventory and custom options to build the perfect Ledwell Service Truck for your needs.

Ledwell has always been a pleasure to deal with. From their great customer service to their bulletproof equipment, Ledwell is always a first call!

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Reltated Equipment

HydraTail Trucks

Leading the way in heavy-haul equipment.

Grapple Trucks

Do-it-all attachment for any job.

Crash Trucks

Designed with motorists and operators in mind.

Water Trucks

Built to out perform.

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