Service Trucks

Stake Truck

Ledwell Stake Beds are designed to haul heavy loads. This could be building materials, oil field servicing products or a variety of cargo. These Stake Beds are custom built with removable or fold-down sides depending on your transportation needs.

Flat Bed

Ledwell Flatbeds allow you to deliver anything from pallets of material to odd shaped equipment. Our Flatbed Trucks come in a variety of lengths with multiple options including a forklift package to allow maximum loading and unloading efficiency. Ledwell Flatbeds are custom built to fit with your choice of chassis, you can count on Ledwell for a solution with you in mind.

Lube Buddy

Ledwell has designed a new value-added option to make your medium duty truck even more versatile and your fleet more efficient. The Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Max is a skid mounted, self-contained fuel and lube service center. Convert your medium duty flatbed truck from a delivery truck to a service truck using a forklift and loading the service skid onto the truck bed. Create a temporary service center at the job site by unloading the skid.

Service Truck

We have the ability to incorporate almost any equipment that you desire to fit your exact needs for full service ability, everything from a standard Mechanic’s Truck to a large Fuel & Lube Truck. We stock a large inventory of chassis to mate the proper truck with your Ledwell Body. We are truly a one stop shop for your service needs.