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Material Handling Industry


When it comes to providing dependable industrial truck bodies and trailers, Ledwell paves the way for the proper handling and protection of materials throughout the entire process.

This includes manufacturing, distribution, consumption, or disposal.

For industry workers, minimizing risk when dealing with hazardous materials is crucial—especially on a job site. Ledwell’s Truck Bodies and Trailers can be customized to ensure that transporting materials is safe and efficient, even in the toughest environments.

At Ledwell, your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.

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Best-selling Material Handling Trucks

Gull Wing Trucks

Built for loads that require extra protection.

Grapple Trucks

Pair a Rotobec grapple with a Ledwell truck for a powerful machine that’ll get the job done.

Stakebed Trucks

Your multipurpose workhorse.

Service & Lube Trucks

Custom trucks for mobile maintenance.

I can’t express enough of dealing with a company or person that under stands urgency and have the common sense to get it right or make the deal right without asking…thanks for having a great team at Ledwell.

Keith HillService Manager

Material Handling Industry Resources

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A powerful duo that’ll get the job done.

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Learn about the people behind Ledwell’s trucks and trailers.

Ledwell Builds What You Need 0:22

Ledwell is the leading custom truck body and trailer manufacture.

Ledwell Supports First Response Team of America 4:42

Learn how Ledwell helped the First Response Team of America customize trailers to transport all of their lifesaving equipment.

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