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At Ledwell, we make every effort to deliver a superior product to our customers.

Only the best materials and parts are used to achieve this goal. Fulfilling that promise led us to a place off the beaten path where we found the perfect vacuum pumps to use on our line of vacuum equipment.

Ledwell Vacuum Truck - Rev-T for sale

Liechtenstein, a micro-state landlocked between Switzerland and Austria, is one of the most interesting places Ledwell sources parts from.

Measuring just over 62 square miles, you could fit Liechtenstein almost six times within the city limits of Dallas. Liechtenstein manufactures a large number of products used all over the world. Dietmar Kaiser, our vacuum pump vendor, is a perfect example. They ship around the globe, including Texarkana, Texas.

Dietmar Kaiser has been in business since 2003 and specializes in components and accessories for environmental equipment. Their VPC – Vacuum Pumps are highly specialized in the application of the Liquid Ring Vacuum Trucks. These unique vacuum pumps reduce gas emissions when used with certain filtration systems, including the design on the Ledwell Liquid Ring Vacuum Truck.

We’re thankful at Ledwell that we found a wonderful vacuum pump manufacturer and that our customers can continue to depend on the quality products we build, regardless of where we have to go to find the parts and pieces.

liquid ring vacuum truck ledwell
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