Standard Loading Ramp

Maximize your yard’s efficiency with Ledwell’s Standard Movable Loading Ramp, a functional, versatile, and portable asset. Our heavy-duty ramp is perfect for loading or off-loading and comes in 25 or 30-foot lengths, ten feet wide, with optional guides and handrails for added safety.


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Ledwell Ramps are a must-have for any business requiring the loading or unloading of heavy equipment. Our portable loading ramps are highly versatile and compatible with various equipment, making them ideal for numerous job needs.

With an added drop axle, our durable loading ramps are effortless to move around any yard or worksite using a forklift.

Need on-site assistance? Opt for our Solar Lift Kit to quickly raise and lower the ramp with an electric motor, battery-powered and recharged by the sun.

Our ramps are adjustable, portable, and strong enough to support heavy loads, making them a perfect solution for any job site. Contact a Ledwell expert today for a quote and to learn more about how our heavy-duty loading ramps can meet your business needs.


25′ or 30′ ramp lengths
120″ ramp width
50,000-pound capacity in 10′ area
35″ to 52″ adjustable height


Two adjustable approach ramps
12″ x 19# beam main members
6″ Jr. I-Beam cross members on 12″ centers
Treated pine floor


Anti-skid traction material
Painted safety yellow
Chain ties


Two additional approach ramps
Fixed axle
Guide rails
Solar Lift Kit
144″ ramp width

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Loading Ramp

What are the proper steps to operate my loading ramp?

Make your heavy-duty Loading Ramp last longer with these key operational procedures.

To get started, walk around the entire ramp to inspect the following: Safety Chains, Flooring, Landing Gear, Rear Tail Plate, and Loading Flaps. Make sure the ramp is on level ground.


Load on to a dock:

Raise all center stabilizer(s) clear of the ground, ensuring that the ramp is resting on the front stabilizer and the rear tail plate.

Using the front handle, adjust the front stabilizer to the desired level or have a Solar Lift Ramp use a toggle switch.

The leading front edge of the ramp deck must be level with the platform deck.


Load on to a trailer:

Back your trailer up to the ramp until the trailer’s rear fits flush against the leading edge of the ramp.

Set the parking brake. Chock the wheels. Dump the air in the trailer suspension.

Adjust front stabilizers to make the ramp’s leading-edge level with the trailer.

Secure the trailer to the ramp with the safety chains.

Using the back handle(s), adjust all center stabilizer(s) until feet rest firmly on the ground.


Before loading, walk around the entire ramp to inspect the following: Stabilizer feet rest firmly on the ground. The deck’s front is level to the ground and will meet level with the trailer’s rear.

Load Equipment and remember to set the parking brake.

Repeat as needed

What is the load rating of my ramp?

Your 25 foot Loading Ramp is rated at 50,000 pounds in a 10 foot span.

Can I add the Solar Lift option to my older ramp?

Yes, the Solar Lift Kit is easy to install to any existing Ledwell Loading Ramp. Call our Parts Department for pricing.

How do you install a Solar Lift Kit?

Installation procedures come with every Solar Lift Kit. Contact our Service Department for complete installation instructions if you did not receive a copy.