Standard Loading Ramp

Standard heavy duty loading ramps are a must when your business requires loading or unloading heavy equipment. Our portable loading ramps are incredibly versatile and can be used in coordination with various equipment and for countless job needs.

Easy to move: With an added drop axle, the durable loading ramp can easily move around any yard or worksite using a forklift.

Easy to automate: Looking for more on site assistance? Include a Solar Lift Kit option to quickly raise and lower the ramp with an electric motor, battery-powered, and recharged by the sun.

Ledwell’s Loading Ramp is portable, adjustable, and strong enough to support very heavy loads.

Contact a Ledwell expert today for a quote and to find out what we can do for you.

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  • 25′ to 30′ ramp lengths
  • 120″ width
  • 50,000 pound capacity in 10′
  • 31″ to 49″ Adjustable height


  • Two adjustable approach ramps
  • 12″ x 19# beam main members
  • Treated pine floor


  • Anti-skid traction material
  • Painted safety yellow
  • Chain ties


  • Four adjustable approach ramps
  • Drop axle assembly
  • Hand and guide rails
  • Solar lift Package