Bulk Haul Trucks

The Delivery System That Outpaces The Competition

When you’re looking for a bulk feed delivery system unmatched in reliability and speed, turn to our Classic Bulk Haul Delivery System. Ledwell’s Drag Chain Bottom option performs 15-25% better than any other delivery system, and our Auger Bottom design is in a class of its own.

Ledwell’s Bulk Feed Truck is equipped with the signature Ledwell Torque Converter System. This unique feature helps prevent trucks from overheating and lowers maintenance servicing overall.

Our Delivery Systems are unrivaled because we build our trucks with our customer’s safety and delivery expectations in mind, literally leaving our competition in the dust.

ledwell classic feed truck
paddle wagon truck by ledwell custom trucks, trailers, parts and service.

Paddle Wagon Trucks

Bulk Material Delivery Proven To Be Best In Class

Decades of road testing have proven the capability of the Ledwell Paddle Wagon Bulk Haul Truck to deliver bulk material quickly and efficiently. Our Paddle Wagon Bulk Feed System can deliver any material, including wood pellets, feed, and range cube. The Paddle Wagon Truck can be mounted and customized to the chassis of your choice. Ledwell experts will work with you to find the perfect solution for your business.

Reach out to our truck experts to find the perfect Truck Body and Delivery System for your operation today.