Vacuum Trailers

Cargo Tank Vacuum Trailers

Trailers That Transport Even The Most Hazardous of Waste

Ledwell Cargo Tank Vacuum Trailers provide high speed and exceptional performance for emptying septic tanks, cleaning sewer pipes, hydro-excavation, hazardous material cleanup, and other applications.

Cities, municipalities, oil and mining companies, and a range of industries and contractors rely on Ledwell Vacuum Trailers for customizable solutions that are available in dumping, non-dumping, code, and non-code operating models. Built with longevity and productivity in mind, your Ledwell Vacuum Trailer will work harder while delivering a lower cost of ownership over its lifetime.

Salt Water Vacuum Trailers

Vacuum Trailers Optimized for Salt Water

When the oil and gas industries are booming, they don’t just need to transport their products—they also need to transport large amounts of saltwater away from their work sites. Ledwell Salt Water Vacuum Trailers do the job with safe, durable, exceptional performance. This trailer model is optimized for carrying non-code material and is available as a standard transport trailer or with a dump option.

The durable, efficient Ledwell Salt Water Vacuum Trailer will give you years of exceptional performance in the field.