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Vacuum Trailers

Cargo Tank Vacuum Trailers

Trailers That Transport Even The Most Hazardous of Waste

Ledwell Cargo Tank Vacuum Trailers provide high speed and exceptional performance for emptying septic tanks, cleaning sewer pipes, hydro-excavation, hazardous material cleanup, and other applications.

Cities, municipalities, oil and mining companies, and a range of industries and contractors rely on Ledwell Vacuum Trailers for customizable solutions that are available in dumping, non-dumping, code, and non-code operating models. Built with longevity and productivity in mind, your Ledwell Vacuum Trailer will work harder while delivering a lower cost of ownership over its lifetime.

Ledwell Vacuum Trailers

We love doing business with Ledwell because they maintain inventory levels for all of our equipment, they make that commitment. We never have to wait on anything – it’s very timely. They take care of us.

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Vacuum Tankers

How do I operate a Ledwell Vacuum Truck?

If you did not receive an operation manual with the delivery of your equipment, please contact our Service Department for a copy of the proper operation instructions to extend the tank’s life.

What is an ASME Code tank?

ASME standards is the code that regulates the design, development, and construction of boilers and pressure vessels utilized in a variety of industries. This program was developed to certify quality control systems for the design, fabrication, assembly, and inspection of boiler and pressure vessel components during construction.


What does PTO stand for?

PTO is short for power take-off.

How do I order a new PTO for my equipment?

We offer multiple PTO options. To ensure you order the correct size for your equipment, please contact our Parts Department.

Where are the extra fuses for the PTO stored?

If equipment is mounted on a truck, any extra fuses will be placed in the battery box.

How often should I inspect the PTO?

The PTO should be checked during the pre-operation inspection. Bolts on the PTO should be tightened monthly according to the Capscrew Marking and Torque Values Chart.

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