Energy Industry

We keep pace with energy demands

Energy is all around us, in its most common form it is the power that runs our communities. The planning and operation of energy production and consumption can involve oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, electrical, or mechanical energy related jobs. These jobs have relied on Ledwell equipment for decades. Whether the demand is to transport equipment or materials on custom trailers, or to dispose of waste or chemicals using quality manufactured vacuum trucks, Ledwell truck bodies and trailers meet the strictest demands.

“When we partner with Ledwell, our customers receive the highest quality product from bumper to bumper. As a dealer that offers our customer a "One Stop Shopping" experience, our relationship with Ledwell gives us an edge over the competition. Ledwell offers us, as well as our customers, product knowledge and top notch service that makes our job more efficient.”

Davin SeveraKenworth of Louisiana