HydraTilt HydraTail Trailer


The Ledwell HydraTilt HydraTail Trailer utilizes a hydraulic tail and hydraulic main deck hinged at the rear to attain a shallow angle of approach from the tip of the tail to the nose of the trailer. This is especially important to haulers loading low clearance equipment, long wheelbase equipment and non-powered equipment. The 20,000# hydraulic, nose-mounted winch provides plenty of pulling power to load just about any cargo all the way from the tail of the trailer to the upper deck.

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  • 48′ or 53′ trailer lengths
  • Tandem or Tri axle
  • 70,000 pound bed capacity
  • Ledwell manufactured hydraulics
  • 8′ hydraulic tail with 5′ fold under


  • 20,000 pound Hydraulic winch
  • Full function wireless Remote
  • Chain rack and pans
  • High strength steel


  • Anti-skid traction material
  • Dual side step ladder
  • DOT approved lights and reflectors
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Backup alarm
  • Emergency reflectors
  • Conspicuity tape


  • Keyhole slots, Stake pockets with rub rail, or Center tide downs
  • Tail stowed warning system
  • Multi-view camera system
  • Star traction
  • Grouser bars