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Chemical Tote Beds

Your Ultimate Mobile Storage Tank Solution

When you need to transport specialty fluids to your oilfield or work site, Ledwell Chemical Stake Beds and Chemical Tote Beds get the job done. These chemical trucks safely carry plastic or aluminum totes that can hold a range of specialty fluids, including motor oil, methanol, and antifreeze.

Our team will customize your chemical bed with the right materials and fittings for the fluid you need to haul.

Tractor Rig Up

Tractor Rig-Ups for Any Industry
Ledwell offers custom Tractor Rig-Ups to prep your new or used tractors for rugged oilfield use. Our high-quality pumps and hydraulic systems stand the test of time in the field and help reduce maintenance costs. In addition to oil, Ledwell has Tractor Wet Kits for different industries, including bulk haul and transportation.

I am really impressed with the quality!

Mike PChevron Oronite Company, LLC

Reltated Equipment

Water Trucks

Built to out perform.

Lube Buddy

Cut down service time by taking your fuel and lube service directly to your work-site.

Roll Off Hoist

Built to haul containers over the long term.

Vacuum Trucks

Powerful vacuum units that get the job done.

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