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Bulk Haul Feed Trailers

Ledwell manufactures bulk haul trailers that safely and efficiently deliver a variety of materials while maintaining the product's quality. Our best-in-class bulk delivery systems offer our customers a way to transport their materials without incurring significant damage.

We build customized bulk haul trailers to meet your specific needs. Livestock feed mills, wood pellet mills, fracking salt distribution, and other feed storage facilities depend on Ledwell to provide the most durable bulk haul trailer on the market. And at Ledwell, we design and manufacture all of our products on-site.

Looking for other custom design options? Check out Ledwell's vast array of products!

HydraTail Trailers

Ledwell manufactures our heavy-duty trailers to handle the most challenging of loads. Need to transport heavy construction equipment across the state—or move farm equipment just down the road? Our HydraTail Trailers are built to help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

At Ledwell, we solve your unique problems by offering customizable options for our hydraulic tail and gooseneck equipment trailers. Whether you need equipment for an individual or a team, we build what you need!

For Whatever Needs Hauling: Ledwell’s Got You Covered

Ledwell HydraTail Trailer Resources

Vacuum Trailers

When hauling sludge, slurry, or other liquid materials, you need a safe and reliable trailer—and Ledwell’s Vacuum Trailers are perfect for the job. We offer a variety of equipment choices, and our Vacuum Trailers can be ASME/DOT certified. We design our Ledwell Vacuum Trailers to endure the wear and tear of a wide range of industries. Our trailers hold up against anything from hazardous material containment to oil and gas projects.

Our Vacuum Trailers’ rugged designs provide longevity and efficiency, making the return on investment for this trailer exponential.

Custom Built Trailers

Ledwell offers a truly customized experience with our truck body or trailer options. We do this by controlling every process from fabricating to finishing.

For almost 75 years, we have provided operators from various areas and industries with dependable, long-lasting equipment that helps them do their jobs in any environment.

At Ledwell, we listen to precisely what you need, and we build it to your exact specifications. Whether you need a single truck or trailer or a fleet, Ledwell’s experts customize reliable solutions.

Ledwell Custom Trailers for Sale

Loading Ramps

When you need to load or unload heavy equipment but don’t have access to a permanent dock, a portable loading ramp from Ledwell will help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Our loading ramps make it easy to drive equipment onto a trailer bed or to use a forklift to move heavy or awkwardly shaped equipment. These sturdy loading ramps serve customers in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, equipment rental, transportation, and property maintenance.

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