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Ledwell Hydratail Trucks - Heavy Hydraulic Tail Trucks

HydraTail Truck

Leading The Way In Hauling Equipment

The Ledwell HydraTail Truck is an excellent vehicle to quickly and easily haul your equipment. Delivering more payload? The Tandem Axle Ledwell HydraTail Truck offers the same equipment hauling experience as our Single Axle HydraTail Trucks, but with higher cargo capacity.

The HydraTail Truck bed lies directly on the chassis frame, about five inches lower than the Ledwell Standard Rollback, which provides more of a height allowance for taller loads. Like our popular Ledwell HydraTail Trailers, the tail feature conveniently requires less ground space for loading.

HydraTilt Truck

Leading The Way In Hauling Equipment

Ledwell’s HydraTilt Truck is unmatched in hauling containers and non-powered equipment. Our patent-pending HydraTilt Truck bed operates similarly to our HydraTail Truck, but with the bonus of a tilting main deck. With little to no break-over, it’s perfect for low ground clearance equipment. Utilizing our unified hinge, deployment is quicker and reduces the required loading space footprint.

The HydraTilt bed also has a low ride height for hauling larger equipment and easier access to tie-down equipment.

We love our Ledwell haul bed—nothing matches its versatility. It’s fantastic for the variety of equipment we have to move.

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