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Bulk Feed Trailers

Classic Bulk Haul Trailer

The Trailer That’s Unmatched In Hauling Capacity

Ledwell’s Classic Bulk Haul Delivery Trailer is the best in top-of-line hauling capacity, with drag chain bottom or auger delivery. Beating other bulk delivery systems’ pellet quality by 15-25%, our Auger Trailer system is reliable and fast in delivery.

The Classic Bulk Feed Trailer systems for both drag chain and auger options are equipped with Ledwell’s signature Torque Converter System. This unique feature prevents your system from overheating and decreases maintenance needs.

At Ledwell, we created our Classic Bulk Haul Trailer to exceed expectations, and we provide many customizable options so you can find the best fit for your business.

Drop Deck Feed Trailer

A Versatile Trailer For All Of Your Hauling Needs

The Ledwell Drop Deck Bulk Haul Feed Trailer makes hauling seamless and efficient. The trailer’s defining feature is a slight drop in the frame at the front of the trailer, which creates a lower center of gravity.

Our Ledwell Drop Deck Trailer comes available with two customizable options: drag chain or auger bottom, dependent on your job needs. The Ledwell Drop Deck Bulk Feed Trailer comes equipped with our signature Ledwell Torque Converter System, which reduces maintenance needs and helps prevent overheating.

This trailer’s durability and reliability make it an excellent choice for companies looking for a low-maintenance delivery trailer.

Paddle Wagon Trailer

The Best Way To Deliver Large Quantities Of Materials

Ledwell’s Paddle Wagon is essential for delivering large quantities of feed, wood pellets, or other materials quickly and without disruption. Our signature Paddle Wagon Delivery System can transport a variety of pellets, including range cubes, with minimal damage to pellet quality.

Delivering large quantities of materials to end-users has never been easier or more efficient.

All of Ledwell’s products reflect Ledwell’s commitment to reliability, quality, and speed. When you’re looking for top-performing bulk haul trailers, choose Ledwell.

Ledwell Bulk Haul Feed Trailers

I appreciate your thoughtfulness and always enjoy doing business with you.

Patty McMillianSanderson Farms

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