Lube Buddy Max

Cut down service time by taking your fuel and lube service directly to your work-site. Load the Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Max to your flatbed truck or unload it on the ground or a platform at the job site. Unload the skid and this flexible, free-standing unit creates a temporary service center that can move with your equipment.

This singular service unit will make your job progress more efficiently and offer convenience for you and your crew. The Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Max is a skid mounted, self-contained fuel and lube service center. Convert your medium duty flatbed truck from a delivery truck to a service truck using a forklift and loading the service skid onto the truck bed.



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  • Air compressor
  • Fresh and waste multi-tank configurations
  • Hose reels
  • Pneumatic driven pumps
  • Electronic flow meter


  • Easy install with fork lift
  • Mobile service skid
  • Multi-use capabilities
  • Non-corrosive pipe fittings


  • Lightweight
  • Spill & overflow pans


  • Oil barrel