Lube Buddy Max

Reduce downtime by bringing fuel and lube services to your job site with Ledwell Lube Buddy Max. This versatile and compact skid can be easily loaded onto your flatbed truck or placed on the ground or platform at your work site. The Lube Buddy is a flexible and free-standing unit that can function as a temporary service center, enabling it to move alongside your equipment. Keep your operations running smoothly with the convenience and efficiency of the Ledwell Lube Buddy Max.



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Are you tired of spending too much time on lube services? Our Ledwell Lube Buddy Max can solve that problem by bringing the services directly to your job site. This portable and flexible unit can be loaded onto your flatbed truck or placed on the ground or platform at the site, creating a temporary service center that moves with your equipment.

Save time and boost productivity with a Lube Buddy skid-mounted, self-contained lube service center.

Convert your medium-duty flatbed truck into a moving service center using a forklift and loading the service skid onto the truck bed. The Ledwell Lube Buddy Max is a portable lube service unit that can reduce service time and increase productivity for you and your crew. Get the convenience you need to enhance your operations with our on-site lube service skid today.


Fresh and waste multi-tank configurations
Product pump for fresh fluids
Diaphragm pump for waste
Hose reels


Easy install with forklift
Multi-use capabilities
Metering nozzle with quick connects
Heavy-duty compressor unit


Spill & overflow pans
Non-corrosive pipe fittings


Digital flow meter
Grease barrel
Lube Buddy Jr

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