All-Weather Ramp

The Ledwell All-Weather Movable Loading Ramp is ideal for climates prone to snow, rain, or ice. Heavy-gauge expanded metal is layered over tubing to provide a safe, non-slip surface that allows water to flow through, making it a better alternative to traditional wood flooring. Our standard ramp is 10 feet wide, but we also offer a 12 feet-wide option to accommodate larger equipment. Ledwell Ramps are also easily moved around the yard with forklifts or an optional fixed axle.

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Ledwell Ramp offers the perfect solution for businesses located in areas with frequent snow, rain, or ice with our All-Weather Movable Loading Ramp. Our durable, heavy-duty ramp is designed with expanded metal over tubing, which provides a safer alternative to wood flooring by allowing water to flow through.

Our standard All-Weather Ramp is ten feet wide, but we also offer a 12-foot-wide ramp to accommodate larger equipment. Ledwell Ramp is highly portable and can be easily moved around the yard with forklifts or an added drop axle option.

Don’t let weather conditions interfere with your loading or unloading operations. Trust Ledwell Ramp’s All-Weather Movable Loading Ramp to deliver a safe and reliable solution in any climate. Contact us today to learn more about our ramp and request a quote!


25′ or 30′ ramp lengths
120″ ramp width
50,000-pound capacity in 10′ area
35″ to 52″ adjustable height


Two adjustable approach ramps
12″ x 19# beam main members
6″ Jr. I-Beam cross members on 12″ centers
Heavy gauge expanded metal over steel tubing


Anti-skid traction material
Painted safety yellow
Chain ties


Two additional approach ramps
Fixed axle
Guide rails
Solar Lift Kit
144″ ramp width
100,000-pound capacity in 10′

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