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When your equipment requires service after a long day in the field, the traditional approach often involves a time-consuming trip back to a service center, leading to downtime and increased expenses. However, Ledwell has your fleet maintenance solution – the Ledwell Lube Buddy.

The Lube Buddy is your mobile lube service center, ready to transform how you handle fleet maintenance.

Designed with the versatility of light-duty pickup trucks in mind, it’s a compact yet powerful solution that can also double as a service center right on the job site. Say goodbye to the back-and-forth trips and get your vehicles back in action faster.

Ledwell Lube Buddy in back of pick up truck

The Ledwell Lube Buddy comes equipped with a range of features:

Fresh and Waste Multi-Tank Configurations:

The Lube Buddy keeps your fluids organized and separate for optimal performance.

Metering Nozzle with Quick Connects:

Accurate measurements and easy connections streamline maintenance tasks.

Spill & Overflow Pans:

Maintain a clean and safe workspace, reducing the risk of accidents.

Easy Installation:

Setting up your Lube Buddy is a breeze thanks to its simple installation process.

Ledwell Lube Buddy Filters
Ledwell Lube Buddy Hose reel
Ledwell Lube Buddy performing maintenance on job site

In a world where every moment counts, the Ledwell Lube Buddy is here to revolutionize how you handle fleet maintenance and lube services. No more wasted time and money on trips to centralized service centers. Instead, choose the Lube Buddy that fits your needs and experience the future of fleet maintenance today.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder, with the Ledwell Lube Buddy by your side.

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