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The impending dry season means more dust, dirt, and heat all around. What you need is a Water Truck – but not just any water truck, a Ledwell Water Truck. Our equipment is built to your custom needs, size and all, but Ledwell also offers a few standard features. All our trucks have lined interiors designed to prevent rusting and corrosion. We use a coating thickness of up to 20 millimeters, ensuring your unit longevity. They all also come with three fill options (top fill, hose fill, or hydrant fill) and in-cab air controls.

But we know that you don’t always need the ‘standard’ equipment. That’s why we offer a wide range of interchangeable options for you. A couple of these consist of our sparger bars and water cannon. With these, you can extend the range of your water blasts and increase reach, output and ability. These custom-made options are great for a wide range of applications, from race tracks to street cleaning. Our sparger bars come in various configurations and placement options – either stationary or folding on the front and rear side of your water truck.

But, if you’re looking for maneuverability and long reaching streams, you might want to see about our water cannons. The movement of this attachment is completely controlled by you with an in-cab joystick control and its upward placement atop the unit gives its output the gift of distance.

Some of this equipment might be new to you, and that’s okay! We’ve devised all new and improved operation manuals and videos that will walk you through working your new piece of equipment. You can find these on our website or by scanning the QR code on your Ledwell equipment. Also, be sure to visit our YouTube page and Facebook to stay in the loop on our latest and greatest!

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