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In 2023, Ledwell began a program to strengthen the company’s next generation of leaders. The Skill Enhancement & Employee Development Program, also known as the SEED Program, is an initiative providing insights and connections among participants.

The SEED Program centers on equipping employees with an understanding of Ledwell’s products and processes, ensuring the continuation of the legacy established in 1946 by Buddy Ledwell and his father.

Ledwell SEED Program - Trailer Shop

More than just a learning opportunity, the program fosters a bond among participants, creating an environment where individuals and departments consult easily.

Ledwell SEED Program - Feedbody Shop
Ledwell SEED Program - HR Development

Sessions are held every other week to discuss various shops and departments. Some sessions, like those in the Machine Shop and Engineering, provide participants with eye-opening experiences. Several graduates enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the Machine Shop process, emphasizing how it unveils the journey of parts through various stages.

Others highlighted the importance of understanding the intricacies of engineering, enabling participants to make informed decisions that uphold Ledwell’s commitment to quality.

Ledwell SEED Program - Machine Shop Tour

The SEED Program’s impact extends beyond the sessions, as graduates bring newfound knowledge back to their roles, enhancing operational efficiency and promoting cross-departmental collaboration. It also reinforces Ledwell’s commitment to continuous improvement and the development of a closely knit family within its workforce.

Ledwell SEED Program - On location at a Feed Mill
Ledwell SEED Program 2023
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