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  • HydraTilt Truck

    The patented HydraTilt Truck is an unrivaled choice for efficiently transporting containers and non-powered equipment. Designed with urban areas in mind, this tilt deck truck offers a low ride height that allows for effortless tie-down and hassle-free transportation of larger equipment.

    While operating similarly to our innovative Hydratail Truck, the HydraTilt Truck boasts an additional advantage—a tilted main deck.


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  • Single Axle Hydratail Truck

    The Ledwell Single Axle HydraTail Truck offers unparalleled convenience when it comes to transporting your heavy machinery. Renowned as our most sought-after heavy equipment transport truck, it has revolutionized the industry. The cutting-edge HydraTail Truck bed sits directly on the chassis frame, positioned approximately five inches lower than the Ledwell Standard Rollback.

    This ingenious design provides you with an additional five inches in height allowance, ensuring that your heavy machinery reaches its destination securely and without hassle.


  • Tandem Axle HydraTail Truck

    The Ledwell HydraTail Truck offers a convenient and efficient method to load your heavy machinery with ease. As a popular choice in the heavy equipment transport truck category, it has garnered acclaim for its exceptional performance.

    The groundbreaking design places the HydraTail Truck bed directly on the chassis frame, positioning it approximately five inches lower than the Ledwell Standard Rollback. This advancement grants you additional height allowance, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your valuable heavy machinery to its destination.