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  • Classic Vacuum Truck

    Our Classic Vacuum Truck is available in dumping and non-dumping configurations. These industrial units deliver relentless, continuous performance and a greater payload capability. Ledwell Vacuum Trucks offer an impressive selection of vacuum systems and unlimited “add-on” options.

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  • Heritage Vacuum Truck

    Ledwell Heritage Vacuum Trucks give you the option of ASME/DOT code verification. This particular vacuum tank model can cover all the needs one might have for the energy or waste industry. Our vacuum tanker configurations offer the end-user a combination of vacuum and pressure service with the added capability to distribute water for dust control and environmental clean-up.

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Truck

    In the world of vacuum tanks and air moving, several options are available to pump air into or out of a tank. Ledwell Liquid Ring vacuum pumps are one such option, allowing for reduced maintenance and simplified pump operation. We build a Liquid Ring Vacuum Truck designed to perform continuous operation, to custom design one for your operation contact us today.

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  • Revolution Vacuum Truck

    Ledwell Revolution Vacuum Trucks cover the spectrum on large capacity, large air volume vacuum trucks. Available with a tri-lobe style blower or large liquid ring pump system with towers, these trucks allow the user to handle dry materials, mixes, sludge or reclaim hydrocarbons. An integrated baghouse filtration system, dump tubes, and high capacity tank with optional boom provide maximum airflow and material movement.

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