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  • Heavy Duty Rollback

    Heavy Duty Hauling Solutions To Boost Durability And Value

    Ledwell boasts a versatile selection of Heavy-Duty Rollback trucks for productive heavy-duty hauling. We build our Roll Back trucks using high-strength steel that makes hauling a more durable process.

    One popular option from our inventory is our Hybrid Rollback Truck, which features a double-acting pair of hydraulic cylinders to control the bed’s movement and makes for easier loading or unloading on uneven ground.

    Our customers know they can depend on Heavy Duty Rollback Trucks day in and day out because our Rollbacks are unrivaled in ruggedness and reliability.

  • Machinery Moving Rollback

    When you need the ultimate strength in your rollback equipment, Ledwell’s Machinery Moving Rollback has you covered. With operations indistinguishable from our Medium and Heavy Duty Rollbacks, it is easy to use and designed with you in mind. This equipment is manufactured using the toughest steel to ensure dependability and longevity, no matter the load. Ledwell has the capability to customize your equipment to fit your specific needs.

    Machinery Moving Truck Downloads

  • Medium Duty Rollback

    The Ledwell Medium-Duty Rollback is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that can benefit every fleet. Our Rollback Truck is known for its excellent quality and longevity.

    A popular option is our Hybrid Rollback which features a double-acting pair of hydraulic cylinders to control the movement of the bed. Both types of Medium-Duty Rollback are available in various lengths and widths to suit your specific hauling needs.