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  • Lube Buddy Jr

    Perform all of your lube service and fleet maintenance directly in the field with the Lube “Buddy” Jr.! Designed for your light-duty pickup truck, the Lube “Buddy”, Jr. can also be used as a service center at the job site. Easily transferable from truck to service truck to job site making the Lube “Buddy” Jr. work where you need it.

  • Lube Buddy Max

    Cut down service time by taking your fuel and lube service directly to your work-site. Load the Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Max to your flatbed truck or unload it on the ground or a platform at the job site. Unload the skid and this flexible, free-standing unit creates a temporary service center that can move with your equipment.

    This singular service unit will make your job progress more efficiently and offer convenience for you and your crew. The Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Max is a skid mounted, self-contained fuel and lube service center. Convert your medium duty flatbed truck from a delivery truck to a service truck using a forklift and loading the service skid onto the truck bed.



  • Portable Restroom Service Truck

    The Ledwell Portable Restroom Service Vehicle is designed to overcome service obstacles through improved safety, performance and durability. By reducing route time and improving efficiency of total operation, the Ledwell Vacuum Unit will actually increase your bottom line and reduce your cost of ownership.

  • Service Truck

    We have the ability to incorporate almost any equipment that you desire to fit your exact job requirements. Ledwell can build for full service ability which includes everything from a standard Mechanic’s Truck to a large Fuel & Lube Truck. We stock a large inventory of chassis to mate the proper truck with your Ledwell body. We are truly a one stop shop for your service needs.

  • Stake Bed Truck

    Ledwell Stake Bed Trucks are designed to haul a variety of heavy loads. Ideal for it’s ability to adapt to the job you need, the stake bed truck can take care of your building materials, oil field servicing products, or a variety of cargo. Ledwell’s stake bed trucks are custom built with removable or fold-down sides depending on your transportation needs.