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  • All-Weather Ramp

    The Ledwell All-Weather Movable Loading Ramp is designed for use in climates with frequent snow, rain, or ice. The heavy gauge expanded metal over tubing allows for water to melt through providing a safer surface alternative to wood flooring. Our standard All-Weather Ramp is ten feet wide, but to accommodate larger equipment the Ramp is available 12 foot wide. The Ledwell Ramp can be moved around the yard with forklifts or with an added drop axle option.

  • Cargo Tank Trailer

    Ledwell Cargo Tank Vacuum Trailers are built to provide high speed and exceptional performance. Ledwell continually invests in product design and quality, keeping your business in mind by offering key solutions that allow you to do your job. Our Cargo Vacuum Trailers are customizable to meet your needs with a variety of options and models to choose from. An investment in a Ledwell Cargo Tank Trailer will help you achieve greater longevity and improved productivity. These features alone will lower your total cost of ownership.

  • Custom Built Trailers

    Ledwell offers truly customized truck body or trailer options by controlling every process from fabricating through finishing. For 75 years, we’ve been providing contractors, government agencies, agricultural operations, the oil and chemical industry, and many others with dependable, long-lasting equipment to do their job in any environment.

    At Ledwell, we build what you need, whether you need one truck body or one hundred trailers, let our experts customize a solution that you can rely on.

  • Detachable Gooseneck Trailer

    The Ledwell Detachable Gooseneck trailer is best of both worlds in heavy haul applications. By utilizing the hydraulic tail and other features, you load and unload safely and efficiently.

    For a safe and fast way to load equipment from the rear drop the hydraulic tail. For those occasions that require a heavy load with very little vertical climb, detach the nose and load right on the lower deck from the front of the trailer.

  • Drop Deck Feed Trailer

    The Ledwell Drop Deck Feed Trailer is perfect for those needing to haul a substantial amount of feed, wood pellets, or other material. There is a slight drop in the frame located at the front of the trailer creating a lower center of gravity.

    Our Drop Deck Bulk Feed Trailer is available with a choice between a Drag Chain or Auger bottom, both offer consistency and quick delivery. The Drop Deck Feed Trailer comes equipped with our signature Ledwell Torque Converter System designed to prevent overheating and reduce maintenance needs.

  • HydraTilt HydraTail Trailer

    The Ledwell HydraTilt HydraTail Trailer utilizes a hydraulic tail and hydraulic main deck hinged at the rear to attain a shallow angle of approach from the tip of the tail to the nose of the trailer. This is vital to haulers loading low clearance equipment, long wheelbase equipment, and non-powered equipment.

    The 20,000# hydraulic, nose-mounted winch provides plenty of pulling power to load just about any cargo all the way from the tail of the trailer to the upper deck.

  • Interior Beam HydraTail Trailer

    The Ledwell Standard Hydratail trailer is the original in hydratail applications. A reliable beam trailer for all types of equipment hauling needs. The Standard Hydratail uses Ledwell manufactured hydraulics for tail operation and excellent craftsmanship for a durable, quality trailer.

  • Paddle Feed Wagon Trailer

    When you’re looking to deliver large amounts of feed or wood pellets to your customers, the Ledwell Paddle Wagon Feed Trailer gets the job done. Our Paddle Wagon Delivery System can expertly deliver any type of pellets while preserving pellet quality.

    When you’re looking for a consistently reliable bulk haul feed trailer, the Ledwell Paddle Wagon Feed Trailer is for you.

  • Perimeter Beam Hydratail Trailer

    The Ledwell Perimeter Beam Heavy Haul HydraTail Trailer is the go-to option for equipment haulers. This versatile heavy haul trailer is made of high-strength steel and offers multiple options for transporting equipment through easy access to the upper deck for additional load area. The main trailer deck has a 10′ built-in ramp that lifts and locks into the front trailer deck.

    Reach out to our Ledwell experts with any questions about our Perimeter Beam HydraTrail Trailer, or any of our other products.

  • Salt Water Trailer

    Ledwell Salt Water Vacuum Trailers are built to provide safe, durable and exceptional performance. This model trailer is perfect for carrying non-code material, and is available as a standard transport trailer or with a dump option. Our Salt Water Transport Trailers offer key advantages such as greater durability and improved efficiency providing you years of exceptional performance.

  • Standard Loading Ramp

    Standard heavy duty loading ramps are a must when your business requires loading or unloading heavy equipment. Our portable loading ramps are incredibly versatile and can be used in coordination with various equipment and for countless job needs.

    Easy to move: With an added drop axle, the durable loading ramp can easily move around any yard or worksite using a forklift.

    Easy to automate: Looking for more on site assistance? Include a Solar Lift Kit option to quickly raise and lower the ramp with an electric motor, battery-powered, and recharged by the sun.

    Ledwell’s Loading Ramp is portable, adjustable, and strong enough to support very heavy loads.

    Contact a Ledwell expert today for a quote and to find out what we can do for you.