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When you think hauling, you might think trailers. We do. That’s why Ledwell has a complete product line based around the Hydratail Trailer. Sure, any old trailer can deliver from point A to point B, but a Ledwell Hydratail can provide equal distance with generous hauling capacity and a custom design, specially made for you and your haul. Which one will you choose – Hydratilt, Interior Beam, or Perimeter Beam? They’re all great options, but each one is designed slightly different to provide solutions for multiple applications.

Maybe a non-existent break over point is at the top of your list – the Hydratilt Hydratail Trailer would be the perfect choice. This trailer utilizes a hydraulic tail and hydraulic main deck hinged at the rear to attain a shallow angle of approach from the tip of the tail to the nose of the trailer. If you need versatility in a trailer to haul equipment, check out our Perimeter Beam Hydratail Trailer. It offers multiple options including a Hydraulic Mini-Deck, allowing space on the top deck to be fully utilized, and a Drop-Deck allows up to 10 extra inches of load height! We also have a Knuckle Boom Trough feature that allow the knuckle boom on medium sized equipment to fit snug. This lowers the ride height of the excavator equipment several inches. Each trailer can be designed specifically to suit your needs with multiple tie down options, paint colors, and traction material on the deck of the equipment trailer. Options are endless with Ledwell! Just tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

For more information, go to Trailers in the menu bar and click on Hydratail Trailers, or give us a call anytime!

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