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Ledwell takes great pride in its commitment to growth and community development. To showcase this dedication, our Education Outreach Team organized a signing day that served as a platform to welcome talented individuals who will join Ledwell this summer.

Signing Day was a special event celebrating the achievements of high school graduates pursuing a manufacturing career.

Ledwell hosts signing day for local high school students
Ledwell attends Pleasant Grove signing day

Deoriq Dixon, Xavier Nash from Atlanta High School, John Calvin, and Perry Hack from Pleasant Grove High School were among those we welcomed into the Ledwell family. These talented individuals have shown exceptional promise and dedication, making them stand out in their pursuit of a career in the industry.

The company’s innovative approach to recognizing high school graduates entering the manufacturing workforce serves as an inspiration to the next generation. The achievements of these four individuals demonstrate that success is attainable through alternative educational pathways.

The hope is that this event sends a powerful message to young individuals that they can build a fulfilling and prosperous career in manufacturing, utilizing their unique talents and skills.

Ledwell welcomes these new employees with open arms, ready to support and empower them on their journey to success.

Atlanta Texas High School Senior at Ledwell Signing Day
Atlanta High School Senior at Ledwell Signing Day
PG High School Senior at Ledwell Signing Day
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