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Nuts & Bolts Newsletter Winter 2024

Cultivating Excellence: Unveiling the SEED Program


In 2023, Ledwell began a program to strengthen the company’s next generation of leaders. The Skill Enhancement & Employee Development Program, also known as the SEED Program, is an initiative providing insights and connections among participants.

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Ledwell SEED Program - HR Development
Ledwell SEED Program - Trailer Shop
Ledwell SEED Program - Machine Shop Tour
Ledwell SEED Program 2023

Elevating Road Safety: Customize Crash Trucks


In today’s world, where road safety is a high priority, innovative solutions continually evolve to protect construction site workers and the drivers who share the road. Among these solutions, Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) have become essential for safeguarding lives during roadwork and maintenance activities.


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Employee Spotlight: Mike Hensarling


After serving in the Navy and learning to be a machinist, Mike Hensarling made his way to Ledwell in 2006, where he began in the Machine Shop and now serves as Foreman.


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Your Solution for On-The-Go Fleet Maintenance


When your equipment requires service after a long day in the field, the traditional approach often involves a time-consuming trip back to a service center, leading to downtime and increased expenses. However, Ledwell has a solution – the Ledwell Lube Buddy.

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Ledwell’s Commitment to Inspiring Future Innovators


Every year, on the first Friday in October, Manufacturing Day is celebrated across the United States, reminding us of how important manufacturing is to our economy. It’s a day to acknowledge the manufacturing industry’s significance and inspire the next generation of makers, creators, and innovators.

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The Power of Ramp It Up


Ledwell employees have come together to create a unique and inspiring shirt design, showcasing their creativity and teamwork. The design features a clever play on words based on a comment, “We need to ramp it up.”

Often heard in the Ramp Shop, this phrase has since become a motivating statement for Ledwell, encouraging
employees to strive for excellence and maintain the high standards the company is known for.

Ledwell went above and beyond in designing and building our heavy haul truck. This thing is a game-changer for our field operations and far exceeds the expectations we had.

Kenny DubeECCO Enterprises, Inc.

This type of service and hospitality is rarely seen, it’s obvious Ledwell values each customer and takes pride in their products.

Arnie Tognozzi


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