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Ledwell employees may not be chopping down trees, but we’re behind those that do – literally! We have a range of equipment that can offer the lumber community durable solutions. Ledwell has an abundance of optimal trailer and truck options for moving and hauling your wood piles. We’ve partnered with Rotobec and taken it a step further. We can also offer you machinery that can pick up and move logs with ease, so you don’t have to. The Rotobec Elite can be mounted onto various pieces of Ledwell equipment and make your job as a lumberman simple.

If this strikes your interest, then you’re in luck! Ledwell will be attending the 2019 Convention of the Texas Lumbermen’s Association (LAT) from April 17th to the 18th. This event is taking place in San Antonio, TX at JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa. This event will host various seminars and sessions from topics like maintaining talent, to social media management for this industry. We’re super excited to learn more about this industry and to hear from you the ways by which we can make your job an easy and safe one.

Ledwell will have a booth – number 328 – and we will be more than happy to take any questions, comments, or concerns. Come by and see us! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn for more updates about pending shows and events. Hanging out with you guys is sure to be a tree-t!

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