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The Ledwell Self-Contained Unit is the perfect solution to provide portable hydraulic power.

Thanks to its powerful engine-driven pump, this innovative unit allows you to operate any Ledwell Trailer with any tractor.

Self-Contained Units reduce downtime by providing enough power to fully operate any HydraTail Trailer, even when a tractor with a wet kit is unavailable. Its portable and compact design allows the unit to fit on the top deck of any trailer with the help of a forklift to put it in place.

Power units include a pressure and return hose to make the connection seamless. It offers the flexibility to use any tractor to move your trailers without worrying about hydraulic connections.

This unit includes a compact, high-quality 18-horsepower engine with an electric start that provides reliable power to the hydraulic system.

Its impressive 15 GPM hydraulic pump ensures you can fully operate any Ledwell HydraTail Trailer, from the winch to the hydraulic tail, without needing a tractor’s PTO.

Ledwell’s Self-Contained Unit is a game-changer for those who rely on trailers to deliver equipment daily.

With this pony motor, you no longer need to worry about matching certain tractors and trailers. Its design makes it a convenient and efficient portable hydraulic power solution that moves you forward.

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