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How do you grow a world of prosperity and cultivation? You invest time into knowledge and education to those set to one day run the world. Educating the minds of today’s youth is one good way to ensure a bright future full of successful and thriving communities. Texarkana’s very own Discovery Place Children’s Museum and The Texarkana Museums System come together annually, with the help of local businesses and civic organizations, to present Tinkertown! This is a one day event where kids from all over can discover innovation and creativity in their own way. The event hosts several exhibits where children can put their thriving minds to work.

This year the event had a turnout of around 350. People were given the chance to make ice cream, learn about local fire departments, discover the molecular difference between water and oil, and so much more. The event was held in separate buildings due to a large turnout of participants and inclement weather. Nonetheless, the smiling faces of individuals of all ages was proof enough of the benefits and riches this event brought and brings yearly to the youth of Texarkana.

In the end, the event turned out to be successful. To learn more about events like this in Texarkana, visit, follow us on social media and sign up for our quarterly newsletter!

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