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One of the most important things for your business is to manage finances in a smart way. The American government has made this easier today than ever for businesses like yours. Section 179 is an important right off deduction on equipment that all businesses who spend under $3,500,000 on equipment should take advantage of. This incentive gives your company a chance to deduct the full price of any qualifying new or used equipment or software bought during the given tax year. You can write off as much as $1,000,000 in qualifying purchases!

The Section 179 website offers various tools and educational materials for you to figure and understand the tax code. One of these useful tools is their Section 179 calculator. With this, you can put your finances for the year into the correct boxes and determine how much money your business can save for the year!

Ledwell offers a variety of complying equipment. Some great choices you might find to be a part of our inventory. For example, Ledwell currently has a 2016 model Freightliner M2 Crew Cab chassis that is still like new. This cab has no previous owners and is offered with a full warranty! You can gain a sturdy, peak condition piece of equipment at a lower cost and possibly even less than that with the Section 179 tax code.

To learn more about how Section 179 works, visit their online government website and find out if you and your business qualify today!

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