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Efficiency and durability are just two of the many things to consider when loading heavy-duty equipment. To ensure that you get both, consider Ledwell’s Solar Ramp! Not only is it dependable in helping you to get your job done, but it can also prove to be a very helpful piece of equipment.

solar panel to power battery for Ledwell Loading Ramp

Charge the battery to raise and lower the Ledwell Loading Ramp via solar energy.

Solar energy powers a battery that powers a motor allowing the ramp to move to the desired height in roughly thirty seconds with a push of a button. The battery will stay powered for numerous uses after a full charge allowing use even when the sun is nowhere to be found. Ledwell’s Solar Ramp is still completely customizable so that the customer gets what they want, how they want it. The Solar Ramp is also available on new equipment or as a retrofit kit.

Ledwell’s Sales and Engineering Teams will be happy to assist you in selecting your ramp to accommodate your location’s needs by adding renewable-energy features.

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