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Maybe you’re a rental company, and your valued customer needs a trailer fast, but you don’t have the stock. Or maybe you’re a construction company with a large pending job, and your single dump truck isn’t going to cut it this time. Sometimes you need equipment and you don’t have time to wait. We get it. Ledwell stocks for those situations.

If you need a water truck or a dump or something else now, we can help. We have stocked items of different makes, models, and more – both new and used. They have all been built with the sturdiest materials and properly maintained. We want you to have dependability in any piece of equipment you purchase. Whether its brand new, or has some years of experience, we value your trust and strive to offer you the best there is – no questions asked.

To find out about our in-stock products, gives a call or contact us via our website! We’ll be sure to be tentative to your timely needs and make sure that the customer service you receive is what you deserve. We can’t wait to provide you the perfect product.

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