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When you’re on the go, working a time sensitive job, or just looking for convenience, you need access to equipment Preventive Maintenance fast. Ledwell has your quick solution for your field equipment PM service and maintenance. Our Lube Buddies provide an easy and efficient way for you to keep your equipment serviced and ready to go. This equipment can be utilized as a mobile unit or serve as a stationary portable maintenance center on your jobsite!

Our Lube Buddy, Jr. is suited for your light duty vehicles. Its smaller stature gives it a lighter weight, making it easy to move from location to location and convenient to place. This piece of equipment comes with spill and overflow pans to minimize mess, and non-corrosive pipe fittings to ensure longevity.

Lube Buddy mobile service unit manufactured by Ledwell
Lube Skid for sale by Ledwell

If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty, we’ve got you covered. This equipment can turn any of your medium duty hauling vehicles into a skid mounted, self-contained fuel and lube service center! Much like the Lube Buddy, Jr., the Lube Buddy Max is designed in such a way to prevent excessive spill over and ensure a long lifespan.

And we’ve decided to offer more value for your buck at the upcoming 2019 American Rental Association (ARA) show. For all attendants, Ledwell is prepared to offer a free compressor upgrade for any Lube Buddy, Jr. purchased at the show! This free upgrade will make your unit completely self contained, eliminating chords and other protruding elements with a gas-powered compressor. With this set-up, the Lube Buddy, Jr. is your most compact and efficient piece of service equipment!

Either of these units must be moved using a forklift, so as to both prevent injury and increase efficiency in the workplace. They must also always be placed on a level surface to avoid any spills and to ensure proper operation. Be sure to always read the accompanying operators manuals in regards to all pieces of equipment you own. Doing so can prevent damage to the unit, and highly reduces the risk of injury during use.

To learn more about our Lube Buddies and other service equipment, click here.

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