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Hands free door opener from Ledwell - Tread+Pull
Tread+Pull for sale from Ledwell

As a manufacturer, we have continued to work the past couple of months to keep our customers moving.

Employee safety remained top of mind during this time, as we’ve worked on practicing social distancing and limiting the number of surfaces our employees come in contact with.

Enter the Tread + Pull – a hands free door opener.

Sparked by an idea from Electronics Specialist Phillip Anderson, this hands-free door opener allows people to open most doors hands-free. Step on the metal bracket secured at the base of a door to pull it open using their feet only.

Designing and creating these door openers took a team effort. Multiple shops were involved in the process of manufacturing the Tread + Pull.

One shop cut the material while another shaped it into its unique shape. Our Machine Shop refined the edges to be smooth while the Graphics Department designed and printed the installation instructions and the decals for the Tread + Pull and door. Then, multiple people in our Shipping and Receiving warehouse packaged and shipped over a thousand around the country.

Our customers are top priority – that’s why we are making the Tread + Pull available for you to purchase. Prevent the spread of germs while staying fully operational with this simple product that fits most doors.

Contact our Parts Department to learn more about the Tread + Pull or to order for your facility.

Share your experience with the Tread + Pull over on our Facebook page. Be sure to use #ledwellmade.

Stay safe and healthy!

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