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hydro excavation system from Ledwell

When it comes to your work-site equipment, one size does not fit all. In the pipeline market, rules, regulations, and other essential factors like getting from Point A to Point B play a role in what you’ll choose as your go-to unit. So many areas of the world do not allow “mechanical digging” near any underground utilities or pipelines.

Ledwell has developed a solution for these situations! The TrakVac.

The Ledwell TrakVac combines the reliability and innovation of several of our Vacuum Systems and utilizes the “Go Everywhere!” capability of the Prinoth Panther T12. This tracked vacuum unit’s specific purpose is to perform Hydro Excavation anywhere – places where an average wheeled truck can’t even begin to reach. The TrakVac functions similarly to our Blower Vacuum Truck. A high-pressure water system and 1600cfm vacuum blower come standard. With a GVWR of 55,000 pounds, the TrakVac mounted on the Prinoth Panther T12 has a ground pressure of approximately six pounds per square inch.

The Ledwell TrakVac is a self-contained unit, autonomous from the engine and fuel supply of the crawler. Geared to work alongside other tracked and heavy equipment on right-of-ways during pipeline construction and maintenance operations. 

vacuum excavation truck Ledwell TrakVac

We unveiled the TrakVac in 2019 at The Utility Expo formerly known as ICUEE in Louisville, Kentucky. A record number of utility and construction professionals were able to see our latest solution for vacuum equipment. Our goal, as always, was to provide something trusted and reliable that is capable of working in a different environment. To provide a solution to an opportunity.

Since introducing our latest vacuum unit, we have manufactured a few other pieces on Prinoth crawlers. They include our TrakTrailer, Trak Pole Trailer, and Crawler Crane.

At Ledwell, we love opportunities like this.

If you have a unique situation that requires something not yet on the market or learn more about the TrakVac, give us a call today!

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